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Princess Raviri's Great Weapon Fighter Neverwinter Guide



Dungeon Feats

Solo Feats



Sure Strike: Main source of single target damage, fast 4-hit combos with last hit being a slam that deals more damage. If you jump you always hit with slam. 

Weapon Master Strike: Comes from Swordmaster paragon path. Great way to deal damage to multiple targets. Hits maximum of 5 targets. Every successful hit is followed by another one from behind. Gives 10% increased damage taken from your at-wills debuff on enemy.


Hidden Daggers: You throw daggers in cone. Good for killing multiple enemies if they're too far from you or if there is more than 5 of them. Also gives huge 40% damage increase buff for 8 seconds.

Daring Shout: You shout enemies and mark them. Every hit target gives you stack of damage resistance buff. Hits maximum of 5 targets. 

Battle Fury: Buff that increase damage of at-wills and encounters by 25% and refills your stamina after use. Works also for allies with 25% efficiency.

Indomitable Battle Strike: High-damage. You strike a target and if you kill it every other target nearby is marked, and you get a huge amount of action points.

Other encounters are mostly unusable in PvE content (except maybe Mighty Leap, but that's just a jump).


Slam: My personal favorite. After a short cast time, you hit the 5 closest targets every second, and it doesn't prevent other powers. Also slows targets and reduce their damage. It's only one worth using in dungeons. Other dailies are (in most cases) not worth using.

Savage Advance: You push enemies that are close enough and charge your target after. This daily is quick and good for burst damage. 

Crescendo: I hate this daily, but a lot of people likes it. 5 strike combos with big hit at the end. Takes too long in my opinion and makes you lose damage if you use it. Charges determination fast but with high damage it shouldn't be an issue.

Spinning strike: You spin and deal damage to 5 closest targets. Your movement speed is increased, and you always deflect hits. In my opinion it's very weak and good only if you want to have some fun with something different. Your dps after using it will drop and you'll probably die because of not enough hits it's generating.

Avalanche of Steel: Jump high and hit enemies from above. You're un-targetable until landing, but the time you spend there is too long, and in most cases, you lose Destroyer stacks. 

Class Features

Destroyer: Stacks up 3 times. You get stack when hitting more than 3 targets. Every stack increases damage by 15.5%. There is a feat that gives 25% chance for a stack on every hit.  This is a must-have ability.

Wrathful Determination: Gives up to 12.5% more damage as your bar fills up. When your bar is full, the bonus is doubled. The bonus is doubled part is not very useful though, because you want to use your unstoppable very often. It’s good when you have high crit.

Weapon Master: Stacks up 6 times. Every stack gives 1.5% crit chance. Good for beginners.


We are an off-tank HDPS, so our job is to mostly deal damage, but we can also survive a few hits and if we have enough healing from various sources we can tank, but we'll never be as good as a normal tank.

At-wills, Dailies, and Class Features are all the same for both Feat sets, but we have 3 sets of Encounters. 

I use this set for solo content and when I’m too lazy to change it:

1. Indomitable Battle Strike

2. Hidden Daggers

3. Daring shout

When we are in a dungeon and we don't have anyone else to mark targets for us:

1. Hidden Daggers

2. Daring shout

3. Battle Fury

For dungeons where we have someone to mark for us:

1. Indomitable Battle Strike

2. Hidden Daggers

3. Battle Fury

Animation Cancel is worth mentioning. The animations of Daring Shout and Battle Fury are long. But if you use sprint in the right moment, you can make them shorter and improve your DPS that way.

The amount of Determination you get is calculated from your max HP. The higher your maximum HP is, the more damage you have to deal to get the same amount of determination. It makes you fill your bar every time if buffs in your party are enough. 

The same goes with Determination from Damage Taken. The higher your HP is the bigger hits you have to get in the face to get the same amount of Determination. 

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