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Princess Raviri's Great Weapon Fighter Neverwinter Guide



This is a guide written by Princess Raviri, from the guild Nightswatch. This guide is specifically targeted towards making the biggest, baddest, damage-dealer in the game. Want to know how to get those multi-million damage floaters? This guide will help you do that. A big thanks to Princess Raviri and the other members of Nightswatch for all their testing and information-sharing.


     - High direct damage

     - good AOE damage

     - High durability

     - Uses big swords

     - Able to solo dungeons


    - Low amount of damage over time powers

    - Weak buff/debuff potential

    - High price for gear

Race Selection

Half-orc: My personal choice, 5% bonus crit severity and almost best ability score rolls make this race one of the best for this class.

Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn: Race that comes from lockboxes, good bonus giving more Max HP, Power, Crit and best Ability Score rolls.

Dragonborn: Comes from the Zen store. Worse choice than Metallic and does not provide more Max HP.

Human: Gives 3 bonus Heroic Feat points, not as good as half-orc but if you don't like his teeth you can choose it.

Any other race can be an alternative if you choose ability score rolls with highest possible Strength.

Stat Distribution

Ability Scores

We want to get as much overall damage, so we invest our points in Strength. The other stat depends on your Critical Chance; Dexterity for a low critical chance, or Charisma for a high Critical Chance.


Power - We want as much as possible without losing other stats. 400 points = 1% damage increase but it's worth to mention that the more you have, the lower outcome on overall DPS it'll have.

Critical Strike - Amount of this stat depends on Ability Scores and whether you're using Weapon Master. In a perfect scenario, we want enough of it to get our Critical Chance to 100% without using Weapon Master. Same as above, 400 points = 1% Critical Chance.

Armor Penetration - It allows us to skip part of a target’s defense. We aim for 100% Defenses Ignored. 120 points = 1%.

Recovery - Not really needed, but I like to have about 7k of it to boost my recharge speed. 200 points = 1% recharge speed and 0.5% Action Point Gain.

Action Point Gain - This is one of those stats with weird scaling. It has a soft cap at 10% and a hard cap at 12%. We don't need it on a GWF, but it's nice to have a bit from other sources. Don't get more than 1400 points.

Combat Advantage Bonus - Good to have 1,400 points of this for the almost maximum bonus. It's also one of the weird stats.

Control Bonus - We don't control, so it doesn't matter.


Defense - Gives damage reduction. Makes you take less damage in general. It's good to keep this stat high, but too much is bad.  400 points = 1%. Because of the Feat "Steely Defense," and the Insignia Bonus "Assassin’s Covenant," a huge part of it (about 28%) is changed to power. Personally, I think it's good to keep at about 12k, maybe a bit more.  400 points = 1%.

Deflect - Something like Crit, but for taking hits. 400 points = 1%

Hit Points - How much you can take in the face. It also increases the damage of OP's Aura of Courage. Aim for as much as possible without sacrificing other stats.

Regeneration - Healing out of combat and increased healing from all sources. Not needed but sometimes you can take it with something else.

Life Steal - Increase a chance to get health from dealing damage. 400 points = 1%. It's good to keep life steal chance at like 10%.

Life Steal Severity - Don't take it ever. Useless.

Stamina Gain - It’s nothing special, but you'll probably get some points somewhere.

AOE and Control Resist - Not worth investing into.


Movement - run speed worth investing only if you want to get to everything faster than everybody else but that may be deadly.

Companion Influence - Increase stats of companion. I’m not sure if this applies to all stats or only base, but I decided to get some points here.

Gold Gain - Useless, but probably better than Life Steal Severity.

  1. GWF Intro, Race, and Stats
  2. Equipment, Gear, and Companions
  3. Feats, Powers, and Gameplay
  4. Boons
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