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OCC's Recommend Holiday Build Guide

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4K (UHD) / VR Gaming Build Guide:

Last up are the higher end builds. With these setups, you should be able to game relativity smoothly in 4K (UHD), with, of course, minor tweaks to the settings. The builds below are reflected in some quality parts and, if overclocked, the performance will only increase.

I have a few notes to mention. First is the absence of AMD Vega video cards. My current stance on the subject is that they are far too expensive for their relative performance to NVIDIA's higher tier cards. If you are more of a Team Red fan, then feel free to swap out the video card with an RX Vega 56 or 64. I just cannot recommend either at their current price point.

Second up is about memory. More specifically both AMD and Intel will gain a few FPS by using faster memory (above 2400). These are still orientated to be money conscious instead of throwing everything possible into a system, but a jump to DDR4 3200 will yield a few extra FPS and might be necessary for some games being playing at 4K resolution. An SLI or CrossFire setup would be ideal for 4K and VR, but at a certain point, it's no longer about getting the maximum FPS, but tossing money away for the sake of having the "best" hardware.


$1500 - $1800 Price Range


Intel Build:


AMD Build:


$2000 - $2250 Price Range


Intel Build:


AMD Build:

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