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How To Setup [email protected]: 2018 Edition


[email protected]: Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency has, in some way, gotten out of control, with hundreds of alternate coins to the grandfather of current market Bitcoins. Why you cannot mine Bitcoins with the computer directly anymore is due to ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) hardware being thousands of times faster than a modern computer. You can still fold while getting these alt coins and trade them for Bitcoins, which means you can still make a profit from folding and, in return, help forward modern medicine by looking at a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. All of this while your computer is idle.


[email protected]: FoldingCoin (FLDC)

1: First follow the link provided for the FoldingCoin wallet and create a new wallet. Alternatively, you can find it on the Folding Coins website.


2: Next write down the passphrase, as this is the only easy way to get back into the online wallet.


3: Once the wallet is created, copy the Folding Wallet Address, which is on the right side of the page. Example address in this picture is "1Cv4ri9LGGxzZVjYZYAtCByFmXdKriQcSv."


4: Now under the configure menu inside the [email protected] program, you will want to change the name to your username and your newly created wallet address. Example is username_ALL_Address. Mine for this guide is "ircow_ALL_1Cv4ri9LGGxzZVjYZYAtCByFmXdKriQcSv" and some rules apply to this. You cannot have any underscores in the username and the prefix "_ALL_" needs to be added after the username to become a valid FLDC username.


[email protected]: CureCoin (CURE)

1: Setting up to receive Curecoins is similar to FoldingCoin. Make sure to set up that first, then come back to this step if you haven't already. Now that I assumed you have completed the FoldingCoin setup, first you will need to download the Curecoin wallet and copy the wallet address under the "Receive coins" tab inside the wallet program.


2: Next go to the Curecoin Folding Pool page and register. Make sure to register with the same username as FoldingCoin so you can get both coins at the same time. My example is username "ircow_ALL_1Cv4ri9LGGxzZVjYZYAtCByFmXdKriQcSv." Next copy the Curecoin address you have from the Curecoin wallet into the correct field. Then create a password and you are set!



3: Since the same username is used as FoldingCoin, the only thing that needs to be changed is the team number to 224497 Curecoin Team otherwise you will not get Curecoins. While OCC really wants to keep you on our team, we understand if you want more coins for those Folding Points. After all, it is not who has the most folding points, but rather we are all trying to contribute to a greater cause.


[email protected]: Medic-Coin (MEDIC)

1: At publishing time, Medic-Coin does not use the conventional FoldingCoin wallet address in the username so you cannot receive FoldingCoin, CureCoin, or Medic-Coin at the same time. You will need to download the Medic-Coin wallet and copy the address to receive any coins. I will not comment which Coin project is better since it's based on preference. All Coins are just a subsidiary to [email protected] itself and each project has its own roadmap. I suggest you research which cryptocurrency project has similar interests to yours and longevity of the coin itself.


2: Just like the other two cryptocurrencies, the username needs to be replaced to receive any coins. Make sure to change the name to your Medic-Coin wallet address and Team Number to 234020.


[email protected]: Folding Software Tweaks

Finally, the extra tweaks, like changing what hardware is folding, can be found under Configure > Slots. Here you can add or remove hardware. I personally only fold with the video cards because I don't think it's worth the heat created and extra electricity to fold with a CPU, at least for my system. This will be something you will have to evaluate for your own system, of course.

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  3. [email protected]: Tweaks & Cryptocurrency
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