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How To Setup [email protected]: 2018 Edition


[email protected]: Installation & Setup

1: First download the [email protected] software (link provided), follow the steps and install it. Please be aware by default it is going to use all your computer hardware to fold and anonymously. This guide will cover how to change the settings to your preference.


2: Once the program is installed you will be prompted to run the program under a user-friendly web module. Accept it and you will be greeted with a web page asking to set up. Pick "Set up an Identity."


3: For the OverClockersClub member enter your forum username and then Team Number 12772. For the Passkey, you will need to follow the link below labeled "Get a Passkey."


4: After that, you are redirected to the [email protected] Passkey page. Enter your username and email address. A Passkey will be emailed to you not long after submitting your info.


5: Now that you have received an email, enter the Passkey and hit save. You will be then brought back to the main page with the current folding stats. Here you can change when the software should fold and how many resources are used.


6: If you want more control over advanced settings like what resources that are folding (CPU, video card, or both), you can change it in the configuration option under Advanced Control. That part is covered at the end of the guide.


7: In the full module after selecting "Advanced Control," select "Configure" to change all the advanced settings like username, team number, passkey, and computer resources used.


8: Under the Identity tab, the option to change the username and team is available. This will be helpful when setting up folding for cryptocurrency.

  1. [email protected]: Introduction
  2. [email protected]: Installation & Setup
  3. [email protected]: Tweaks & Cryptocurrency
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