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Neverwinter Guide for New Level 70 Players


Level 70 Guide

Congratulations on reaching Level 70 in Neverwinter! This can be a little overwhelming, but I hope this guide can help you navigate through all the changes in the game.


If you haven’t joined a Guild already, I highly recommend it. Guild membership has a lot of benefits! They can help you with a lot of things. The most notable to a new level 70 is the Company Gear. This armor set is great for a new level 70. This is purchased from the Guild Armory, using Guild Marks. You can get Guild Marks by donating to the guild coffer. You also help the guild get more boons when you donate, so it’s beneficial to everyone to do dailies in the Guild Stronghold. These include doing the quests given by the Builder, Ranger, and the other NPCs, and running Heroic Encounters for Influence. These can be tricky, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you haven’t found a guild yet, the League Armor is available in the Auction House. This is purchased with Astral Diamonds (AD). You will need AD for other things, so I don’t recommend this route unless you have no other options. You can get AD by doing Random Dungeons and Skirmishes every day. 

You can also now use Artifact Weapons. The Chult weapons (Teak, Wootz, etc.) are a great starter set. You can ask a guild member to craft them for you, or you can purchase them very cheaply on the Auction House.

You will notice a purple enchantment square on your new weapon and armor. These are special enchantment slots that require a specific type of enchantment. Something is better than nothing, so I recommend finding the cheapest enchantment available to start out. Read your class guides carefully to see what enchantments you should be saving up for. 

You will replace everything else on your character sheet when you reach Level 70, too. The Drowcraft Shirt and Pants are relatively cheap on the Auction House, or you can ask a guild member if they can purchase some for you with Demonic Ichor. 

You now have four artifact slots available too. You should already have a Cragmire Artifact (I recommend the Lantern of Revelation for any class), and your Class Sigil. The other two slots should be filled based on the stats you need. 1 of them should go with the Artifact Set you choose. I recommend reading class builds to help you find the best set. 

I also highly recommend respeccing your character when you reach Level 70. The expectations of your class at lower levels is going to be different compared to Level 70; for example, a Devoted Cleric is expected to heal at lower levels, but they are expected to buff in Level 70 content. You can purchase a Respec Token from Sybella Artis, using seven Symbols of Savras. You get these Symbols by completing zones and collecting the rewards from your campaign window. 

I highly recommend running Random Daily Dungeons to get Astral Diamonds and Seals of the Brave. Using these seals, you can talk to the Seal Vendor in Protector’s Enclave Seven Suns Coast Market and purchase some Primal Rings. You can also put these rings on your Companion if there is a Ring slot. The Weapons in there are arguably Best in Slot, so I recommend saving up for those. The gear is good too, but it takes a lot of seals, so I'd buy the weapons first.

  1. Introduction and Gear
  2. Campaigns
  3. Companions and Conclusion
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