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Neverwinter Guild Membership Guide


Inner Workings

If you look around the Stronghold, you will see various buildings. These buildings have two different functions: generating items for the coffer, or Boons. The guild members can also put items into the coffer (like Vouchers, Shards, or Campaign Currencies). 



These resources are used to construct or upgrade Structures. When you upgrade a Support Structure, this increases the number of goods it can produce for the coffer. When you upgrade a Boon Structure, the Boon increases too! Think of your guild like it’s the ultimate campaign.



Guilds also offer some different events. If you look at your Map, you will see Heroic Encounters all over. The rewards for these include Refining Gems, a chance for Companion gear, and Influence. You can get Influence from five encounters a day, totaling in 400 Influence for the coffer. You can also get Influence from a weekly event, called Stronghold Marauders. You can earn 600 Influence per week, plus some random vouchers.

Another Stronghold event is called Dragonflight. This event has four dragons come to the Stronghold, one in each corner. You have 10 minutes to defeat them. However, once a dragon dies, the timer is moved to one minute to kill the others. This requires some strategy, so pay attention to the person calling and organizing the event. The rewards are some Seals, Fangs of Dragonflight, and vouchers for the coffer.

All these things work together to help provide your guild with more resources, and in turn, more boons for you.

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  2. How a Guild Works
  3. How You Can Help
  4. Conclusion
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