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Neverwinter Guild Membership Guide



This guide is here to explain everything a new guild member needs to know about guilds. Guild Strongholds are the ultimate campaign in Neverwinter. It takes a lot of time and people to reach the highest level. This guide is divided into three parts: the benefits of being in a guild, how guilds work, and how you can contribute to your guild’s growth. 

Benefits of Guild Membership

Guilds are a great way to enhance your gameplay. They provide you with a group of people you can run with and develop friendships. Some guilds utilize third-party chat programs, like Discord and Teamspeak. Sometimes they will have a website to hold information or an application to the guild.

As you talk to other guild or alliance members, you’ll find that they have a wealth of information about the game. This information exchange that happens in guilds is the most valuable thing a guild can provide. They can tell you which quests are vital or skippable, which gear is best suited for your role and level, tips on maximizing your game time, answers to your questions, and much more.

Guilds also have quests given in the Stronghold that can help you level more quickly. The most notable is the Dungeon Quests given by the Guild Cleric. By doing the dungeon quests each day, you are getting experience for completing the dungeon. It’s a great way to level up more quickly.

When you turn in these quests, they give you XP and Shards of Power or Influence. When you turn the Shards and Influence into the Coffer, you are given Guild Marks in return. These can be used to purchase Food, Gear, Overload Enchantments, and more.

  1. Introduction and Benefits
  2. How a Guild Works
  3. How You Can Help
  4. Conclusion
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