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Neverwinter Companions Guide for Support Classes


Support Classes Companions Guide

It can be confusing to select companions if you play a support class. DPS classes are pretty straightforward: choose companions that boost your damage output. However, support roles can be a bit more confusing. The main idea is to choose companions that either buff your party, debuff the enemy, or boost your stats that contribute to your support role.

This list is going to include the companion names, Active Bonus, and relevant buff powers. 

Chicken: +40% Movement and -10% debuff on your attacker if you take damage greater than 25% Max HP in a single blow. This companion is an augment, meaning that it shares its stats with you when summoned. This is a great active companion.

Dancing Shield: +25 Deflect Chance. This companion also has an attack that reduces an enemy’s defense by 20%. This is a great summoned companion for tanks, but they should be used carefully; they can easily steal aggro. 

Energon: Increases Max HP by 5%. It also has a skill that refills some of your Action Points after combat has ended. It’s also very affordable! I recommend this companion for any support class.

Harper Bard: +1200 Max Health (Epic). His attack “Bardic Inspiration” buffs allies: Allies who are above 50% health have their Power and Crit increased by 800. Allies who are below 50% health have their Defense and Deflect increased by 800 as well (800 points = 2% for most stats). Another attack, “Discordant Discouragement,” reduces the amount of damage a target deals. Foes below 50% health also have their damage resistance reduced by 8%. Additionally, the attack “Song of Rest” increases the owner’s Max HP by 10%. This is a great summoned companion, but it’s quite expensive. Also, some argue that a Sellsword/Con Artist is better (and cheaper). You can see the math here.

Lillend: On Daily Use, heal nearby friends for 2% of their Max HP once every 30 seconds. This companion is a good summoned companion because she has three Offense Slots and three Ring Slots, making her easy to gear up and use bonding runestones with. She attacks every two seconds, so the uptime for Bondings is pretty good.

Rimefire Golem: +1,200 Max HP. This is a good active companion, especially for tanks. 

Rust Monster: On damage taken, 25% chance to inflict a 5% damage debuff on the attacker. Stacks up to three times. He also has some attacks that are worth mentioning. “Corrosive Touch” reduces the damage done by the target by 8%, and to take 5% more damage. This is an awesome companion, and it should be a part of any support class’s BiS companion lineup. 

Sellsword/Con Artist: +300 Power/Crit Strike. They are grouped together here because they both have an attack that provides a 10% debuff. This debuff is not included in the 200% debuff cap. 

Tamed Velociraptor: You are “Part of the Pack.” You and any allies that are “Part of the Pack” are granted +1% Damage. This effect may stack up to five times. This is not to boost your damage; it’s to boost the damage of any party members that also have this companion. Not as many people are running these now though, so if you don’t already have one, I don’t recommend using one unless it falls into your lap. 

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