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Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu Walkthrough


Lost City of Omu Walkthrough

Neverwinter has launched Mod 13: The Lost City of Omu! This zone takes a new twist on Chult, but the quest style is basically the same as Soshenstar River. Do the opening quests, then you’re given repeatable dailies and weeklies. But now I’m getting ahead of myself!

To start things off, you talk to Celest in Port Nyanzaru. She will give you a quest called “The Lost City.” You are to go to a travel gate and enter the Lost City of Omu. Once you get there, talk to Eku. She will ask you to talk to her friends (other quest givers), pick up the “Ruin Explorers” quest, and talk to Makos. (Side note: if you aren’t suspicious of Makos by now, then you haven’t been paying attention. There’s something fishy about him!)

Eku now gives you the quest “Scouting the City.” If you inspect your map, you will see blue circles over the regions you need to scout for those markers. They are all hidden in plain sight, but they are mostly in areas that are difficult to reach, and each one will require you to clear mobs. After completing this quest, return to Eku.

She will give you a quest called “Shrines of the Trickster Gods.” I believe you can get an achievement for listening to her long-winded history of the nine Trickster Gods—if you’re interested in that sort of thing. First off, you must go and kill mobs for Trickster Talismans. I’ve found that the more difficult mobs have a better chance to drop these, for example, the mobs that spawn a Hunt Mark.

Once you’ve gathered three Talismans, you can enter the Undercity. There you will see blue circles on your map marking the different shrines for the Trickster Gods. Follow your map and quest path; they will help you find the shrines. Once you've reached the area, you will see a sparkly cement square block at the base of the shrine. Walk up to it and press F. You only need to do this once per shrine for the quest. After you’ve upgraded three shrines, return to the surface and turn the quest into Eku.

*Side note: The purpose of upgrading the shrines is to spawn a Heroic Encounter.

At this point, Eku will give you a quest called “The Kanedan and Froghemoth” (try saying that five times fast). Once again, go into the Undercity. Near the shrines, there are going to be Puzzle Cubes. These aren’t difficult to find; just look near the sewer grates and in the corners. Once you’ve found them all, return to Eku. Your next quest is “The Jaculi, Zorbo, and Gruny.” Again, enter the Undercity and find the puzzle pieces.

After turning in this quest, Eku and her friends will start giving out the repeatable daily quests. Be sure to go back to Port Nyanzaru and talk to Volo about “Rare Creatures,” and Ekene-Afa to get daily quests, similar to the ones given for Soshenstar River by the Merchant Prince.

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