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Aurora Windsailor's Guardian Fighter Tactician Build



Grilka here! This is my Guardian Fighter (GF) alt. I’ve read a lot of other builds and sort of combined a few of those with my own ideas and here is the result. This is a fun build to play, and your party will love you too! You can still tank and do a little damage, but everyone else does a lot more damage.


Aurora's gear is sadly neglected, except for the Lifeforged Weapons (grinding Kabal still gives me nightmares). I think the set bonus on these is too good to change. The new weapons aren’t that great for a tank in my opinion, so I plan on staying with these. Generally, you want defense, deflect, power, and armor penetration for a Guardian Fighter. Any gear with those stats should be great. For my weapon enchantment, I plan to continue using the Lightning Enchantment, as the nerf only applies to DoTs and I don’t use any. I have the Shadowclad Enchantment in my armor, although Negation is my goal for when I have a lot of AD to spare (it’s probably never going to happen).


This build focuses on buffing; my feats reflect that. Anything that looked like a nice party buff got points put into it. When there weren’t good party buff choices, I selected tanking stuff (since that’s my main job). 


At-Wills: Weapon Master’s Strike, Tide of Iron

Encounters: Enforced Threat, Into the Fray, Commander’s Strike

Dailies: Villain’s Menace, Fighter’s Recovery

Class Features: Enhanced Mark, Steel Grace

Some other powers I might use in different situations:

Knight’s Valor (encounter) (if my party needs help staying alive)

Lunging Strike (encounter) (your party is fast and you can’t keep up)

Knight's Challenge (encounter) (builds a LOT of threat)

Griffin’s Wrath (encounter) (great damage dealer, especially when used with KC)

Steel Defense (Class Feature) (I use this instead of Steel Grace on super tough bosses)


This is a fun build to play and it’s very useful in dungeons. Thankfully, the GF didn’t get touched too much in this mod! If you have any questions, drop a comment.

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