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Neverwinter Guide to Leveling Alt Characters


When the Double XP event rolls around Neverwinter, it’s a great opportunity to create and level an alt character. There are a lot of ways to get to level 70, but there is so much content that it’s easy to miss the important stuff. This guide includes important quests and zones, and some tips for leveling faster. 

Before you start running any quests, make sure that you have the guild XP Boon selected. As you level and acquire gear with enchantment slots, put Azures in the Utility slots to boost your XP. If you have an XP booster, use it as well. 

After completing the opening quests, you’re in Protector’s Enclave with Sgt. Knox and have the freedom to do what you want. You probably have Tomes of Experience saved from your main toon, but you shouldn’t use them yet (tempting as it is). Instead, go and do some questing to get some free gear, then power level. Your first area is the Blacklake District. I highly recommend completing this area because you get a free bag, and it doesn’t take long to finish the zone. The Benign Order of the Third Eye campaign also gives a free bag. You can do this campaign at any time, but this is when it’s most convenient to begin.

Because the Third Eye campaign has you in the Tower District anyways, I suggest finishing this zone as well. You also get some Professions Assets for completing the zone. Even if you aren’t a crafter, you can sell the Assets on the Auction House and make some Astral Diamonds. This zone does take a little longer to complete, so deciding to complete this zone should be based on personal preference. 

Next up is the Artifact Recovery quest given in the Sage’s Shop. Sgt. Know will give you a quest to go there when you’re ready. This quest will get you a free Lantern of Revelation (the other artifact choices are crappy in comparison). It will send you into Blackdagger Ruins (so will the Third Eye campaign), but this area isn’t important to complete. 

Neverdeath is another zone worth completing. At the end you get a bag and begin the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. It takes quite a bit of time, but it’s worth it. Tristopher Chettlebell is the man who gives you the Clockwork Tomb quest that rewards the bag, so watch for his quests especially. 

After all that, it’s time to power level! Go ahead and use those Tomes of Experience. If you are in a guild, leveling goes even faster. You can talk to the Cleric and get the Dungeon quests, then you’ll get double the rewards for completing the dungeon. You can get a couple levels out of doing this! You can also go kill bears in the Stronghold. For some reason Bears provide more XP than other Stronghold mobs. 

Once you reach level 60, you can start the Maze Engine and Elemental Evil campaigns. I highly recommend starting them right away, unless this is a bank toon. If that’s the case, these campaigns aren’t necessary.

At level 60 you’ll also get a quest for the Vault of the Nine. This is a difficult quest; I recommend bringing help. This rewards your Class Sigil, so it’s necessary to make the Class Sigil available to your other characters. You can put it off until after you are Level 70 though, if you want.

Before long, you will be at Level 70! I hope this guide makes the task as efficient as possible. Good luck out there, Adventurers!

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