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Guide: Fueler's Custom Modded Folding Rig


Panel Retention:

Mombo: Hey are you going to do anything about the adhesive to hold the sides on? I might be mistaken but I swear I can see it. Is that how you are going to leave it? Looks like its only visible on the four corners. Not sure just something I noticed.

Fueler: Yes there is a couple of pieces of double sided tape holding the side covers on.....no it will not be there when it's finished laugh.gif the front panel and both side-panels will be held on magnetically cool.gif

Today I began addressing the "double-sided tape" before I started the disassembly of the rig.

The pictures here are not pretty but they will give you an idea of how the panels will be attached (or at least how I hope they will be attached)

The first thing I will do after pulling the rig apart, is epoxy the magnets into the four main aluminum tubes at each corner of the PC case frame (two magnets per tube...one at the top and one at the bottom of each tube). Something like this: (this is not one of the actual tubes)

I made four small thin steel plates that will be permanently attached to the back side of the front panel....they will look a lot better after they have been painted.

For the side panels, I chucked up a piece of 3/8" steel bar stock and whacked out eight "T" shaped plugs that will press fit through 1/4" holes milled into each corner of the side panels. I had to use a mill and milling bit because a 1/4" drill bit (even mounted in a drill press) was just too inaccurate....there is just too much play in the spindle and I couldn't drill the same size hole twice. Using the mill, I was able to make eight holes all at exactly .255 inch. I made the outside diameter of the plugs .256 inch for a .001 inch press fit (I was afraid to try for a tighter fit because it may crack the corner of the Lexan panel).

Here they are pressed into the panel.

The magnets mounted in the two front aluminum case tubes will do double duty.....holding both the front bezel and side panel in place.

Time to tear this thing down cool.gif

  1. Introduction
  2. The Frame
  3. End Caps & Castor Wheels
  4. Power Supply
  5. Hard Drives & I/O Backplate
  6. Fan Brackets
  7. Top Fan Grill
  8. Panels
  9. Panel Retention
  10. Weight Reduction
  11. Finishing Touches
  12. Project Complete! (well, almost)
  13. Kill Those Watts!
  14. The Finished Case (Final Pics)
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