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DVD-ROM Window with Blue LED Mod. Guide



For the placement of the LEDs, I decided to use a indentation in the top cover. I drilled two holes toward the window to place the blue and white LEDs. Then drilled another hole toward the back of the unit to pass the LED power cables through. If you have a flat-top drive with no indentations. You could glue or tape your LEDs to the underside of the top cover

This is the optical drive we are going to be modding today. It is a Creative 5x DVD-ROM, Model number DVD5240E. I have had this drive for almost 4 years now, kick-ass when it came out, still makes a good DVD player.


The first thing that you want to do is remove the face-plate from the drive. To make this happen, use a paper-clip to eject the disk-tray and remove its face by sliding it up with a little pressure. Then find the tabs that are along the edge of the drives face-plate. Push these in and pull the face-plate out.

The next thing, is to remove the top cover from your drive. There are four screws on the bottom of the drive that need to be removed. Then the top will pop off, letting you see what is inside. Now is time to check for any clearance problems you might have and make sure there is room for the LEDs.

Looking at the underside of the top cover, you will see a plastic spindle. This keeps your optical disk from flopping around. So, this needs to stay! Notice how I marked the cut-line for my window around it. I have another optical drive that has this spindle mounted on a crossbar above the disc, but below the top cover. This would make things easier, as you wouldn't have to cut around it. I just didn't want to mess up my new CD-RW if this mod didn't work. I will be modding that one to though, now that I know it works.

Now it is time to cut the hole for your window. I used a Dremel with a fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel to cut my hole. Remember Safety First!!! This was by-far the worst part of the project. Next, we have a test fit to see how she'll look. Starting to look good!

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