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How to Install AMD Drivers Guide


Community Guide Written by: EuroFight

Formatted for submission by: Guest_Jim_*

This guide will cover downloading and installing new drivers for AMD graphics cards and APUs.

Removing AMD Catalyst Drivers:

At this point, there is no way to update AMD graphics drivers without removing the old software before installing the new software.

Step 1: Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program (Windows Vista and newer) or Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).

Step 2: Double-click on AMD Catalyst Install Manager.

Step 3: Click 'Next' on the first page of the uninstaller.

Step 4: Select 'Express Uninstall ALL AMD Software', and click 'Next'.






Step 5: Click 'OK' on the dialog that appears. The screen may flash during uninstallation, and the resolution of your monitor will likely be reverted to a different resolution than you had it previously set to (often 800*600 or 1024*768).


Step 6: Reboot the computer to complete the uninstallation. Read on for the instructions to install new drivers.


Downloading AMD Drivers

AMD drivers are included in a piece of software called AMD Catalyst. AMD Catalyst does a great deal more than just graphics drivers, but in this guide we will only cover the basics of installing and updating the software suite.

Step 1: Navigate to the AMD Catalyst website, the link can be found here.

Step 2: Click on the 'Download Now' graphic in the middle of the screen. It should be quite easy to spot.

Step 3: You should arrive at a page detailing all the AMD drivers available for current graphics cards.

Step 4: Select the appropriate download for your operating system and video card. Some video card series require different drivers than others, so the HD 7000, HD 6000, and HD 5000 series have separate drivers than the HD 4000, HD 3000, and HD 2000. If you would like to install the latest Beta driver, click on the appropriate download button. Be aware though that the Beta drivers are not always as stable as official releases, and could cause your computer to crash or catch fire. (Okay, perhaps not the catch fire bit, but they are 'beta' for a reason.) For the interests of this guide, I will be using the non-beta HD7000, HD6000 and HD5000 series drivers for Windows 7 64-bit for reference, however the process should be similar for all driver versions.


Step 5: Click on the 'Catalyst Software Suite' download button. The download button for the latest beta driver is also on this page, if you want to risk instability for the latest and greatest driver.


Step 6: If you are using Internet Explorer, click 'Run' or 'Save' in the dialog box that appears. In Chrome or Firefox, you just need to click on the download when it has completed.

  1. Removing & Downloading AMD Drivers
  2. Installing AMD Drivers
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