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Shinny Boy project

Price: ~$20


Codename: Shinny Boy is a cheap and simple project. It's perfect for people with not much to spend on a mod or a person that is just looking for a simple and clean design to show off with. What you need for Codename: Shinny Boy is:

  • Plexiglas.
  • Any size fan (80, 92, or 120mm)
  • Fan grill for the same size as the fan
  • Velcro
  • Brass handles
  • Bolts that will fit on the handles
  • Turtle Wax (Or just any brand of car wax will do)

Needed Tools
  • Dermal
  • A sanding bit
  • Screw driver
  • Drill

Getting down, and dirty
When you get the Plexiglass cut, I brought the side panel down to the hardware store and had them use the panel for a perfect cut. You can get Plexiglass at Ace Hardware and the Plexiglass for my panel was 24x18 and only cost $1. So if you mess up you didn't blow 20 bucks down the drain. I also, bought the velcro from Ace Hardware. I got the fan and fan grill from my local computer store for a fair price. The Velcro costs no more then $3, the fan about $10, and the grill cost only $3. The handles, which I got from Lowe's was only $2 each. When you decide to start cutting you should go out side due to flying plastic.

First start marking the Plexiglass for where you want the fan(s). Take your dermal and carefully make your circle. Put the dermal on a slow speed because plastic will fly every where. After you made a round on the mark, start cutting some more. I did this to help make the cut cleaner. Next take the sanding bit and sand around your cut. After you get the cut all sanded and the way you like it, peal the plastic covering off. I recommend you keep it on when cutting to help reduce scratches. Now, take your turtle wax or whatever wax you want to use and apply it to the glass. This makes it shinny.

Now take your drill and start the screw holes for you fan. Then, just hook up your fan and install the fan grill and your half way done! After all that take your top panel and mark the holes for the handles.

Drill the holes and slide your screws through the hole to make sure it fits. If it doesn't take a bit that is just a little bit bigger. Once you get the right size screw your handles on and make sure to bolt them. I recommend you use bolts because screws are just not going to cut it.

Now you just have to put the Velcro on your new side panel and the case. Once this is done... You're done! Just don't forget to plug your fan in (I did, though)

Tada! Aren't you happy you got your own mod now?

Shinny Boy is a wonderful and simple mod for anyone. Cheap is something a lot of people hunt for every day and this is what is wanted. No more then $20 and you've got your first case mod.


  • Cheap, simply and fast to do
  • Nice looking
  • Convenient

  • The Plexiglas can crack if not careful

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