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Ambarta Meoi's Divine Oracle Devoted Cleric Build


*Edited November 5th, 2018 for Mod 15. Before this was an easy buffing build, but with the build changes for Mod 15, this guide has been converted to DPS.


Hey guys! This is my Devoted Cleric, the second character I made on Neverwinter. The DC is definitely the hardest class I’ve played; it’s the only class you aren’t focused on the boss, but your party instead. This class can be really fun to play once you get the hang of it. This build is focused on doing damage so that you can complete your campaigns. My DC is primarily built to be like Moonshadow’s ACDC, but this is my DPS loadout for doing campaigns. I don’t change any gear, only Feats and Powers.

Gear & Stats

I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. This is one of my alts after all, so I definitely don’t want to have to move enchants every time I change loadouts and also have to grind for the extra gear. Instead, I optimize my gear for my primary loadout and just use the Guild Armor Penetration Boon when I’m soloing. That’s more than enough for me to reach the cap, so I don’t even need to stack any Arm Pen on my companion. Instead, I use my Companions to get Recovery and Crit; my companion has all Ruthless Enchantments. On myself, I stack all Offensive slots with Radiant Enchantments for the Power, and Azures in Defense slots so I can take a punch.

For my weapon, I use the Plaguefire Enchantment, because it is cheap and has a debuff. I use Soulforged as my Armor Enchantment, although I’m sure there are other good ones out there. This is just my personal preference. 


While there aren’t any companions that will make or break your DC, there are some good, helpful choices out there.  There are a few schools-of-thought on what companion setup is best for DCs. Some people like to stack as many as possible that add to your power (like the Sellsword, Skeleton, or Ghost), but I like the debuffing companions too.

For your summoned companion, I suggest something that is easy to gear and does a good job proccing Bondings. The Con Artist and Lillend are both good choices because they have 3 ring slots, making them easy to gear. The Lillend can be helpful because she heals you (which is super awesome if you’re taking the Tome in the sister fight in CR). However, the best companion (in my opinion) for a DC is the Con Artist. Yes, he’s annoying. But he also “shreds 10% of your enemy’s defenses,” and combine that with the three ring slots, and we have a winner. He does have 1 Defense Runestone Slot, but I think that’s a good thing. The power you get from Bondings isn’t shareable, and you can’t buff if you’re dead. 

For your other active companions, there are a lot of good choices. I use the Chicken, Rust Monster, Ghost, and Polar Bear Cub (it’s really cute, but I’m going to trade him out for something better, probably a Skeleton). 


These are focused on doing damage. This loadout is fine for solo work and probably anything in the Intermediate Random Queue, as long as you have a good group. I’d use AC for anything else in parties though. 


At-Wills: Lance of Faith, Sacred Flame

Encounters: Forgemaster’s Flame, Chains of Blazing Light, and Daunting Light

Dailies: Flame Strike (mobs), Hammer of Fate (single targets)

Class Features: Terrifying Insight, Hastening Light

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