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Ambarta Meoi's Divine Oracle Devoted Cleric Build



Hey guys! This is my Devoted Cleric alt, the second character I made on Neverwinter. The DC is definitely the hardest class I’ve played; it’s the only class you aren’t focused on the boss, but your party instead. This build can be really fun to play, once you get the hang of it. 

Gear & Stats

The stats are pretty standard for a cleric: throw everything you can into power, then recovery. Crit helps, too! For defensive stats, I suggest getting your defense up to 30%, then throw the rest into HP. The only piece of gear worth mentioning specifically is the helm. The Rex Corona has the best stats. Alternatively, Jaarl’s Gaze has the same amount of power, just less HP. Everything else, just go for the most Power and Recovery you can get. The Tyrant or Primal weapons are probably Best in Slot, although the Fey set from the River District is great, too.

For my weapon, I use the Holy Avenger Enchantment, because it buffs and heals your party. This (and your At-Will) are basically the only sources of healing this build provides. I use Soulforged as my Armor Enchantment, although I’m sure there are other good ones out there. This is just your personal preference. For companions, I recommend anything that will boost your power or give buffs. 

Feats and Powers

The feats are focused on buffing your party and keeping you alive (so that you can buff your party). Now some of these feats only proc when you use a heal over time ability. Your At-Will power Astral Seal is enough to Proc these. Also, the Weapons of Light feat is the main reason we stack power; it allows us to share 10% of our power with our party. 


At-Wills: Astral Seal, Brand of the Sun

Encounters: Prophecy of Doom, Divine Glow, Break the Spirit, Forgemaster’s Flame, Astral Shield

Dailies: Hallowed Ground, Divine Armor

Class Features: Terrifying Insight, Hastening Light, Divine Fortune, Holy Fervor


The Devoted Cleric is a challenging yet fun class to play. You can make or break the party, so it’s best to look at your teammates beforehand, assess the difficulty of the dungeon, and plan your powers accordingly. It takes some practice to know what powers are best for each situation. 

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