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7800GT Volt-mod


Guide by: Steve Goossens
Original Date: October 10, 2006


Do not attempt this mod unless you are confident in your ability to solder very thin gauge wire to surface mounted components. There is a VERY HIGH RISK that this modification can end in the card not functioning due to components being damaged from excess heat, solder bridges, and adjusting the variable resistors too quickly. It almost goes without saying that this mod will void your warranty, so you should only do this mod if you are willing to accept that you might kill your graphics card. Do not attempt this modification without ample cooling. You may get away with using an air-cooled heatsink but I would recommend you consider a gpu waterblock and copper ramsinks (or indeed a waterblock that also covers the ram).


Right, so most of you reading this guide will already know about volt-modding and may well have done it before on previous graphics cards. If you don't know, volt-modding involves soldering variable resistors to your graphics card to increase the voltages to the gpu and the graphics memory. The 7800GT has stock voltages of 1.4V gpu and 2.08V ram. The gpu voltage can be increased to 1.5V by editing its bios and the ram can also be increased with graphite - i.e. "pencil-modding" - so if the thought of soldering to your beloved graphics card(s) worries you, then look into bios editing using NiBiToR and the pencil-mod. The 7800GT really benefits from more voltage, so for maximum overclocking a hard-mod is required.

What you will need

  • 10k ohm variable resistor (18-turn or more)
  • 50K ohm variable resistor (18-turn or more)
  • Female 4-pin molex connector
  • Thin-gauge wire (I cut up an old IDE ribbon cable)
  • Wire-strippers
  • Small slot-head "jeweller's" screwdriver
  • Heatshrink big enough to fit over the wire and variable resistor legs
  • Soldering iron with fine-tip bit
  • Multi-core silver solder
  • "Helping hands" crocodile clip stand(s)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Hot-glue gun / Superglue
  • Digital multimeter
  • Scalpel / craft-knife

  1. Guide: 7800GT Volt-mod
  2. Hardcore soldering
  3. Placing the components
  4. Preparing the resistors
  5. Soldering to the card
  6. Testing the resistance
  7. Conclusion
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