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Cost: $500-$650
Last updated: 01/28/2011
Info: I tend to write backstorys for my machines that I build, this machine is called "Hell" as a response to a pc I built 2 years ago called "heaven" (used white/blue lighting).

"From the unspoken horrors that technology and anger have wrought upon this world, from the depths of the infernal pit. Come an engine of pure malice and destruction. Wrought by a madman bent on bringing the malice and hate of the nether into a contained entity. The builder now a slave to the machine's spiteful whims. Those challenging the construct soon find out why the red glow matches the exact tone of flowing blood."

(lame I know but it fueled the build from start to finish, )

HAF 932

Intel core 2 quad Q6600- 3.0ghz
V6GT cpu cooler
8GB ddr2
9600GT x2 SLI
1 caviar black 750gb
1 WD something 120GB
1 Apple laptop hdd 250gb
Razer Lycosa, Razer Death adder.

Note: I used to work for a computer retail store that would recycle desktops for people. I was walking out one day and saw an older gentleman wheeling 3 machines into the store, one of which being an ArmorJS case missing its HDD cage and HDD's. Inside the case was the 8GB ddr2, as well as the CPU and GPU's. The board that was in the ArmorJS case was fried (no posting, no nothing).The Asus board I got for free (gift cards to compusa woot!)

I am currently upgrading this machine with a new OCZ PSU and replacing the mobo,ram,cpu, gpus.

Thinking of going AMD for a bit to change things up!

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Better quality coming once my
Better quality coming once my
Currently waiting on a modular PSU and cable sleeving in the mail.
Currently waiting on a modular PSU and cable sleeving in the mail.

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