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How To Setup Folding@Home: 2018 Edition

How To Setup [email protected]: 2018 Edition

» June 20, 2018 04:00PM

GTX 1070 Ti Overclocking Guide

GTX 1070 Ti Overclocking Guide

» April 15, 2018 04:00PM

NVIDIA GAME24 Coverage

NVIDIA GAME24 Coverage

» September 20, 2014 04:00PM

NVIDIA GAME24 Coverage

HTPC Guide

HTPC Guide

» March 14, 2009 04:00PM

OverclockersClub Christmas/Holiday Shopping List

» December 19, 2007 04:00PM

OverclockersClub Christmas/Holiday Contest

» December 17, 2007 04:00PM

Annoyances of the Computer World Article

» September 12, 2004 04:00PM

E3 2004 Coverage Article

» May 18, 2004 04:00PM

Performance-PC is a Copyright Infringer

» April 25, 2004 04:00PM

OCC News News (30)

New Update from Bosco

Category: OCC News
Posted: June 11, 2018 10:07PM
Author: bp9801

Bosco has provided a new update on the status of everything after the flooding and just overall aftermath. Things are still in rough shape, especially after the city pumped water and sewage into their residential area. That means anything worth salvaging they couldn't get to before is now completely lost, unfortunately, and Bosco and his family (along with countless others) need our help. He provided a couple of links to a Facebook video and a Facebook picture gallery showing exactly what things look like there, and honestly, it isn't good. Cleaners are coming to hopefully help with some of the items, but Bosco believes it's going to be a total loss on anything they don't already have with them. A ton of personal items has been lost, especially for his dad.

Whatever you can offer in help, Bosco and his family would truly appreciate it. You can check out how through Bosco's GoFundMe page, sending money to his Paypal ([email protected]), or getting in touch with Candice ([email protected]) to coordinate clothing and other shipments. Clothing is needed for his nine-year-old daughter, especially summer clothes, as well as summer clothes in adult XL and XXL.

An Update on Bosco

Category: OCC News
Posted: May 28, 2018 10:33AM
Author: bp9801

Update June 10: These two links take you to a Facebook video and a Facebook picture gallery showing you more of what happened up by Bosco. In addition, he also provided an update on the GoFundMe page to give you an idea of what they're still facing.

We have an update for everyone on Bosco, his family, and just how bad things were/are due to the recent flooding. They still need whatever help you can offer, whether it's monetary or clothing or just anything at all to help out and get them back on their feet, even just a little. They're all safe and sound, but are just trying to sort through their house and salvage whatever they can. Bosco has provided some pictures of the flooding, what his neighborhood looked like, and also what the damage inside his house is like and why so much can't be recovered. It's a major loss for them, as it wiped out not only their clothes, furniture, photos, personal items, and more, but also the computer equipment of Bosco and his dad. Other items are affected, too, but the important thing is Bosco and his family are safe. Everything has changed for them, sadly, and getting back on their feet is going to take time.

The pictures below show just an idea of what happened to them. If you'd like to support and help them out in any way, please feel free to visit their GoFundMe page, PayPal money directly to Bosco at [email protected], or email Candice to coordinate clothing shipments at [email protected] Thank you.

Bosco Needs Your Help

Category: OCC News
Posted: May 17, 2018 08:07PM
Author: bp9801

Normally when you see Bosco in the title, it tends to be in relation to a contest. However, and unfortunately, now is not one of those times. Some of you may be aware, but for the majority who aren't, Bosco and his family live in the Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada, area, which has recently been hit with some massive flooding. Sadly, Bosco's home is one of the ones affected by the floodwaters and thus has lost nearly everything. Clothes, furniture, pictures, electronics, and yes, most of his and his dad's computer hardware. It's basically a massive and total loss for so much of their property.

So, what does Bosco need your help with? Well, donations of both the clothing and monetary variety if you can spare it. He and his wife need clothes for their nine-year-old daughter, summer clothes especially, adult clothes (summer clothing again) in XL and XXL sizes, and whatever money you can spare. He has a GoFundMe page set up for monetary donations, but you can also donate directly to his PayPal if you prefer that route. For clothing donations, and anything else you might want to donate, please contact OCC staffer Candice on arranging shipments.

This is a terrible time to go through for not only Bosco and his family, but for everyone in his town affected by the flooding. Please help out however you can, both for Bosco and everyone hurt by the disaster. Thank you and here's hoping to a speedy recovery for Bosco, his family, the families impacted, and the town.


PayPal - [email protected]

Clothing donations

GeForce Academy of Gaming Launched

Category: Video Cards, Gaming, OCC News, Software, Science & Technology
Posted: March 30, 2018 09:49PM
Author: Grilka8050

The NVIDIA Academic Program has announced its expansion! It has added the Academy of Gaming. There are three majors, including Hardware Studies, eSports Management, and Gameosophy. These will help future developers and students create games that will change the industry. 

This starts next month, with 15 courses available at the release, and more are planned to launch throughout this year. These free courses are also transferable to nationally recognized colleges and universities. 

If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend watching the official announcement on YouTube. If you are interested in viewing the course catalog, visit http://www.geforce.com/academy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From OCC!

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 24, 2017 09:49AM
Author: bp9801

Another year is nearly over, but before it does, all of us here at OverclockersClub would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our readers and members are who we do it all for, bringing you big reviews, news, contests, and more. You're what makes OCC special and we couldn't do it without the support of everyone. As we look back at what 2017 brought us and look ahead to what 2018 has in store, we hope you have a prosperous New Year and a joyous holiday time with your family. Once more, from all of us at OCC, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

OCC's 2017 Christmas Contest is Here!

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 11, 2017 09:18PM
Author: bp9801

Yes, OCC, there is a Christmas contest. The Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest is back and it is now live! We're back with plenty of prizes for you to win, including two grand prize computer systems to get you up and gaming right away. The two systems feature an AMD Ryzen CPU and a case, power supply, and cooler from be quiet!, with more on the way! We'll keep you updated on what exactly you can expect to be gaming on in your new PC, if you win, that is. There are plenty of other prizes too, but before we get to that, we better tell you how to enter, right?

In order to enter the OCC Christmas Contest, you just need to be a member of OCC. The contest is open worldwide, so be sure to enter regardless of where you are! Simply send an email with the subject of "OCC 2017 Christmas Contest" to [email protected] with your name, forum name, shipping address, and phone number, since Bosco does need a means to contact you if you happen to win one of the grand prizes.

Also included in your email will be answers to the following two questions:

What is your next planned upgrade for 2018?

What hardware news got you most excited in 2017?

You must include everything in your email, as failure to do so will result in it being deleted.

The grand prizes will be drawn on Christmas Day, December 25, with Bosco calling in the morning to the two happy winners. Don't have your phone on silent and miss the call! The rest of the prize winners will be announced on December 27. More prizes are still being added in, but we have items from Noctua, ID-Cooling, Corsair, and Cooler Master, along with a selection of hardware from our reviewers and some massive gaming bundles.

Intel Calls AMD's Naples '4-Glued Together Desktop Dies'

Category: CPU's, OCC News
Posted: July 18, 2017 10:29AM
Author: scr4wl

Intel takes the offensive in its recent press workshop as it points out many of Naples, so called, shortcomings. Intel presented several slides explaining the downsides of AMD's recent offering, even going so far as to call it "4-Glued Together Desktop Dies." Intel further points out that Zen is AMD's first new architecture in six years and that AMD's new architecture will stick around for four. Intel was happy to compare its new Skylake-SP architecture to Naples, noting that Skylake-SP is 28 "true" cores. This seems to be somewhat reminiscent of the Core 2 Quad days, when Intel was combining dies to create multi-chip packages and AMD was producing a "true" quad-core chip.

As you would expect from slides coming from Intel, a lot of the information is pro-Intel and anti-AMD. That said, there is some good information about Intel's Skylake-SP architecture. The slides touch upon Skylake-SP's improved virtualization and VM performance, as well as it's improved SMT performance. As with the rest of the slides, Intel doesn't hesitate to point out that Skylake-SP has more than double the memory bandwidth, and close to double the PCIe bandwidth, of AMD's offering. Regardless of what Intel may say, I for one am glad to see AMD releasing some competition again.

Source: WCCFtech

Bosco Needs a Personal Assistant

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 22, 2016 06:53AM
Author: bp9801

There comes a time when bosses need a personal assistant to help them out with the running of their business. That's the case with our boss here at OCC, Bosco. He's in need of a personal assistant and is planning to hire someone for the position. He wants someone who will help out on certain projects at OCC and possibly our sister site Neoseeker, which will free Bosco up for some of the larger projects he has going on. What he's looking for is someone who can work a few hours or so a week, a set amount a month, or on a per-project basis, whichever is the best fit for you. Bosco figures it'll be just a handful of hours a month at the start, say between four and eight, and then it can expand from there. There's also a chance at flying out to meetings in different cities or countries, so if you have a valid passport or can get one, you'll be considered, too. Don't worry if you don't have one, as that doesn't rule you out at all.

This is a paid position, with the pay being handled hourly or on a salary, or even paid entirely in hardware, if that's what you want. As long as you're over 18, you can be considered for the position, so don't hesitate to apply! How do you apply, you ask? Well, just send an email to [email protected] with the subject of "Bosco's Assistant." Be sure to include your salary expectations, too. Due to the nature of the work, Bosco fully expects all applicants to be bond-able, have a clean criminal record, and be dependable.

If this sounds like something you want to do, send Bosco the email and hope for the best! He plans to have the position filled by the end of January 2017, so don't delay!

The Annual OCC Contest Has Arrived!

Category: OCC News
Posted: March 1, 2016 02:43PM
Author: bp9801

The calendar may say March, but we here at OverclockersClub like to give back to the community no matter what. That means it's time for our annual contest, offering a ton of prizes even if we're a little past our typical Christmas timeframe. We have cases, power supplies, keyboards, mice, hard drives, SSDs, and more to give away this year. Prizes from Corsair, Noctua, OCZ, AMD, Phanteks, Zalman, Seagate, ID-Cooling, Azio, and XTracGear are all available to win, as are some donations from the staff at Neoseeker and OCC, plus an assortment of games. It's quite an extensive list, really, so be sure to hit up the contest thread to see it all!

Our contest is open to everyone worldwide, including staff at OCC. All you need to do is send an email to [email protected] (subject "Annual OCC Contest") with your user name; your full name; full shipping information, including your complete street address and phone number; and your full system specifications. We're also asking you to answer the following question: "What is your next purchase for your PC going to be?" Once you have everything in your email, send it off to us and you're in it for the running. Please be sure to include everything in your initial email, as incomplete or multiple entries will result in a disqualification.

The Annual OCC Contest will run until March 21, so be sure to get your entry in by then! Good luck to everyone who enters, and thank you for supporting us in the past year!

OCC's 2014 Christmas Contest Has Arrived!

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 8, 2014 02:16PM
Author: bp9801

Alright folks, it's December, which means OverclockersClub's Christmas Contest is under way! It is starting a bit later this year because our head honcho, Bosco, hasn't been feeling too great, but nevertheless our Christmas Contest has arrived. We have a ton of great prizes to give away this year, with cases, memory, solid state drives, flash drives, CPU coolers, fans, and oh so much more to give out. Prizes from Thermaltake, Kingston, BitFenix, OCZ, DimasTech, Corsair, REEVEN, Tesoro, be quiet!, Phanteks, XTracGear, and Patriot are all up for grabs, and we're even throwing in some games from yours truly.

All you need to do to enter is send an email to [email protected] (subject of "OCC 2014 Christmas Contest") with your user name; full system specifications; and full contact information, which includes your name, mailing address, and phone number. Your email must have all those elements to it or else you'll be disqualified, so be sure everything is correct before hitting send. The contest is open worldwide and to everyone, including OCC staff.

The OCC 2014 Christmas Contest runs until December 31, so be sure to get your entries in by then! Good luck to everyone who enters, and a very happy holidays from all of us at OCC.

Enter OCC's Noctua Giveaway!

Category: OCC News
Posted: October 19, 2014 08:14PM
Author: bp9801

We here at OverclockersClub love to give things away to our members, and today we have a new contest for you. Noctua, purveyors of exceptional CPU coolers, has three heat sinks to give away. If you want a chance to win either the NH-D15, the NH-U14S, or the NH-U12S, then you are in luck! Any one of these CPU coolers can help keep your system from going thermal, and just may help you get to that next level of overclocking. The rules for this contest are fairly simple: take a picture of your current heat sink in your computer and post it in the contest thread. As these are all desktop coolers, only users with desktop computers are able to enter. However, the contest is open world wide, so there are no restrictions other than the type of computer you have.

The Noctua giveaway will last for two weeks (until November 2), so there is plenty of time to enter. All entrants can have the picture either attached in their post or hosted on a file sharing website (like Imgur). If you are one of the lucky winners, you have 48 hours to respond, or else it will go to someone else. Good luck to all who enter!

Enter OCC's Tesoro Giveaway!

Category: OCC News
Posted: August 27, 2014 02:39PM
Author: bp9801

It is time for a new contest, as OCC is giving away three Tesoro mechanical keyboards. Up for grabs are the Tesoro Lobera Supreme, the Tizona G2N with its Numpad attachment, and the Durandal Ultimate. All feature mechanical key switches, plus both the Lobera Supreme and Durandal Ultimate feature LED backlighting. The Lobera Supreme even has full color backlighting, so you can alternate between a variety of colors to suit your mood or game. If you want to try your hand at winning one of these keyboards, head on over to the forums and enter the contest. It is only open to residents in North America, so our apologies to our international friends.

OCC's Tesoro giveaway runs until September 15, so be sure to enter by then! And if you are one of the lucky winners, you have 48 hours to claim your prize, otherwise it gets redrawn!

OCC's "Different Kind of Contest" Returns for Another Year!

Category: OCC News
Posted: March 19, 2014 07:16PM
Author: bp9801

We here at OverclockersClub.com are a rather generous bunch, especially our head honcho Bosco. For a while now we've had a different kind of contest running, where all active members have to do is post their computer specifications and country of origin to be entered. Just don't try to cheat the system either, as Bosco pulls the logs for all current systems listed on OCC. The prizes are variable, as Bosco will send out a piece of hardware to the winners based on what their computer needs most. There's also no end to the contest, as it simply runs for as long as there are people who need an upgrade. Past winners have received everything from video cards to solid state drives, with recent winners also getting a new AMD FX CPU and Kingston memory. Bosco also has a couple more SSDs to add into the mix, so be sure to hit up the contest thread if you haven't entered already.

Winners are announced in the comments thread, which is also where you can ask any questions you may have. If your name is chosen as a winner however, be sure to send Bosco a PM so he can get your shipping details. Best of luck to everyone!

OCC Staff Let's Play in Left 4 Dead 2

Category: OCC News
Posted: February 1, 2014 07:28PM
Author: Guest_Jim_*

We're back with another Let's Play featuring some of the OCC Staff! Returning from the previous video are Guest_Jim_* and hornybluecow, News Editor and Reviewer, respectively. Joining them is Aaron6581230, a Review Editor, and together they played the Parish campaign from Left 4 Dead 2. (For anyone concerned, it appears a recent update to the recording software has addressed the audio issue that affected the first video.)

(With Left 4 Dead 2 being an M-rated game and with the video containing some of that mature content, it has been age restricted.)

Please post comments, questions, suggestions, etc., in the forum thread.

OCC Staff Let's Play

Category: OCC News
Posted: January 17, 2014 09:33PM
Author: Guest_Jim_*

One of the nice parts of being on staff at Overclockers Club is being enabled to try new ideas and letting the community decide if it is a success or failure. We have a new idea for you to pass judgment on: Staff Let's Plays.

The idea is simple enough; some members of the staff play games together, chat while they play, record it all and serve it up for your enjoyment. This first one features Reviewer, Hornybluecow and News Editor, Guest_Jim_* playing Saints Row IV (OCC Review).

(As Saints Row IV is rated M and the video includes some of that mature content, it has been age-restricted.)

We are aware that at times the audio is messed up. This appears to be an issue with the recording software that we were not aware of until after recording. Hopefully we will be able to fix the issue in the future, if we do this again. Please post comments and suggestions in the forum thread, OCC Staff Let's Play. We have some of our own already and naturally welcome yours.

OCC Needs Reviewers

Category: OCC News
Posted: January 5, 2014 11:29AM
Author: bp9801

We're hiring once more here at OverclockersClub, and now it's for Reviewers. If you want to help out your favorite tech site, here's your chance. There are some requirements for being a Reviewer, like how you need to be in the United States and have either an Intel Haswell or AMD FX Vishera system. At least a 23", 1920x1080 monitor is required too, however having three (or more) isn't necessary. Being a Reviewer also requires a certain time committment, as some products can be rather in-depth and time consuming.

If you meet all of those requirements, send an email to Bosco and he'll take it from there. Applying can't hurt, so be sure to let Bosco know your interest!

Thank you and best of luck to all potential applicants!

OCC Needs News Editors

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 13, 2013 07:22PM
Author: bp9801

OverclockersClub is hiring again, and we're looking for News Editors. It involves posting all the news you read about here on the main page of OCC, and it can be about pretty much anything. Computer hardware, video games, software, or any interesting technology items relevant to our interests will work out just fine. We're looking for individuals who can post between three and five articles a day, and more is always welcome. You do need to have a strong grasp of grammar and spelling, as it's vital to have properly written articles on our site. It's also a fairly serious committment, because the more news we have, the more people there are checking out OCC.

If you're interested in applying, feel free to send me a PM or email and we'll take it from there. There's a trial period involved where we see how you can handle the duties of a News Editor, and if you pass, then it's free game. So, don't hesitate to apply!

The OverclockersClub 2013 Christmas Contest is Here!

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 2, 2013 09:23PM
Author: bp9801

It's December, which can mean only one thing: the OverclockersClub 2013 Christmas Contest! That's right folks, the annual Christmas Contest has arrived at OCC, with a plethora of prizes up for grabs. There is, of course, a grand prize, and Bosco and the sponsors have truly outdone themselves. The grand prize computer features an Intel Core i7 4960X, three NVIDIA GTX Titans, an ASUS motherboard, a 240GB Kingston SSD, 16GB of Patriot DDR3 RAM, a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer cooler, and plenty more items. Sounds sweet, right? You know it does! There's more than just the system, like RAM from Mushkin, Kingston, and G.Skill; SSDs from Kingston; cases from Thermaltake and Fractal Design; peripherals from a variety of manufactuers; CPU coolers from Noctua; and really just far too many things to list in here.

There are some requirements to enter of course, but predominantly in the email you send to [email protected]. That email must contain your username, full system specifications, and your full mailing address with phone number. The phone number is particularly important, as the grand prize winner will be getting a call from Bosco himself on Christmas morning. You seriously do not want to miss that call, especially if you don't recognize the number! The 2013 Christmas Contest is open to everyone, but just be sure to enter by December 24.

Best of luck to everyone, and a Merry Christmas from all of us at OCC.

OCC Needs Review Editors

Category: OCC News
Posted: November 5, 2013 08:14PM
Author: bp9801

We here at OverclockersClub are once again hiring, but this time it's for Review Editors. These are the ones who comb through a review before it's launched to make sure everything is properly spelled and written. It's an important job, and what we need are people who are up late at night. That can be people on the west coast of the US/Canada, or anyone in Australia/Asia and Europe. There are reviews that can be ready to edit later in the evening when the other Review Editors are asleep, and this is precisely why we need late night people.

There aren't a ton of requirements for Review Editors, however they are pretty major. The key requirement is you must possess an understanding of English, both in terms of spelling and grammar. It's absolutely vital for those two, as you'll have to know if words are spelled properly or used correctly in the course of editing. Editing does take time as you have to read through the entire review to make sure there are no mistakes, but you do have the added benefit of knowing how the item performs ahead of its launch.

If all of that sounds perfect to you, then send a PM or email to Bosco. He'll get you set up with the process to see if you can be one of OCC's new Review Editors.

We Need Reviewers at OCC and Neoseeker

Category: OCC News
Posted: August 5, 2013 09:20PM
Author: bp9801

If you're a member of the community and are looking to become even more involved with your favorite tech site, then you're in luck. Both OverclockersClub and Neoseeker are looking for reviewers, and there are some requirements you have to meet first. For starters, you need to be a resident of either the United States or Canada, and have an Intel Haswell or AMD Vishera FX system. If you're in the process of getting either system, then Bosco will take that into consideration as well. A 23" monitor of at least 1920x1080 is required too, and while having three monitors is nice, it's not a requirement.

Anyone who meets all the requirements can send a PM to Bosco or email him, and he'll take it from there. Do keep in mind that there is a time requirement for the position, as some reviews can be time consuming. OCC needs two reviewers while Neoseeker needs four or five, so don't hesitate to let Bosco know your interest!

Thank you and good luck to all potential applicants!

Stay Up-to-Date with All the Latest OCC News on Google Currents

Category: OCC News
Posted: June 4, 2013 05:48PM
Author: bp9801

If you need a quick and easy way to stay updated on all the latest computer news from your favorite website, then check out OCC on Google Currents. Anyone with a tablet or smartphone can download Google Currents from the device's appropriate store or just navigate to the OCC Google Currents page and click the download link.. Then you simply subscribe to our page and get all the technology, gaming, and science news directly on your device. Everything is presented in a format that's easy to read on your tablet or smartphone, and yes, it's really that simple to stay in the loop with OCC no matter where you are at.

OCC Week in Review: April 29 - May 3

Category: OCC News
Posted: May 4, 2013 04:02PM
Author: bp9801

Over the past week or so we've had a look at another AMD HD 7790 video card, this time the Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 2GB OC. Unlike past models with only 1GB of VRAM, Sapphire doubled it to help out with more eye candy in games. We also had a look at the AVATAR Mercury Ultrabook AVIU-145A2, which proved to be a very solid laptop from a relatively unknown company outside Latin America. There's even a USB Auto Update Guide that should help make your life a little easier when plugging in a USB drive to your PC.

On the news side, Techland, developer of the Dead Island series, took the wraps off its new game called Hellraid. This game, previously known as Project Hell, is a "first-person co-op slasher" in a dark fantasy world. It features everything from melee to ranged weapons, plus magical attacks, and allows for up to four players to join up in co-op. No release date is known, but it's definitely looking like a unique and challenging game. Rockstar also released the newest trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, although it's really more three trailers presented as one. Each part focuses on one of the main characters (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) to give a background as to who these guys are and what makes them tick. GTA V is also looking pretty great too, so the trailer is definitely worth a watch.

AMD has two new Piledriver processors on the way: the FX-4350 and FX-6350. Each one offers a little speed boost and bigger L3 cache, while keeping prices low. Samsung is rumored to be creating four different tablets in sizes ranging from 7" to 11", including the Nexus 11 with an eight core CPU. That'd make it the first ever tablet with eight cores powering it, but we'll have to see what comes of any of them. For a bigger picture, literally, LG showed off a curved OLED TV packing a 55" screen. It's designed to deliver an IMAX-quality experience in your living room, but currently availability is limited to just Korea.

Corsair was supposedly up for sale, but that proved to be highly inaccurate. Instead the company is looking for an investor to help it acquire more companies to help boost Corsair's market share. The upcoming Haswell line of processors from Intel may present a problem for people with certain power supplies, as it supposedly needs a mere 0.05 amps on the 12V2 rail in the C6/C7 states. There aren't a lot of PSUs that can deliver that low amount of power, so we'll just have to see what happens. Also on the Intel side, the company has shown off its latest Iris integrated graphics, which delivers two to three times the performance of past generations and even provides support for 4K resolutions. Intel also found a new CEO in Brian Krzanich, who'll take over for Paul Otellini on May 16.

For some science news, a group of nanophysicists at IBM created a movie consisting entirely of carbon monoxide molecules. The movie is pretty fascinating to see, especially given its stop motion animation. Scientists at North Carolina State University were able to create a new type of ultraviolet laser using zinc oxide by fixing a stability issue in a rather novel fashion. Another group, this time at Carnegie Mellon University, managed to create touch-based interfaces on demand, by way of WorldKit. It basically makes a smart room where any surface can now be used as a controller. Eventually the team wants to allow for interfaces floating in the air, which would further bridge the gap between science fiction and science fact once realized.

OCC Week in Review: April 15 - 19

Category: OCC News
Posted: April 20, 2013 01:22PM
Author: bp9801

Things have been a little somber around here of late after the passing of Nemo, but there's still plenty to check out. We have two reviews available on some video cards from AMD, with both delivering solid numbers on a budget. The PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 PCS+ offers the chance to run some eye candy in games while providing a fantastic gaming experience for $200. The XFX R7790 Black Edition Overclocked runs the new HD 7790 GPU, and it delivers great performance at an even lower price point than the HD 7850. We even have a review on Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite, which puts gamers in the role of Booker DeWitt on the floating city of Columbia in 1912.

Flipping over to news, a Java patch recently released to fix 39 critical vulnerabilities and bugs. If you haven't downloaded it yet, now is certainly the time to do so. A Kickstarter project known as UDOO looks to combine the power of Raspberry Pi and Arduino into one educational/DIY project for a whole new generation of engineers and programmers. It's already well past its funding goal, but that shouldn't stop anyone from securing a dual or quad-core version of it. Windows users should be happy to know the Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) update for the newest OS may add a tradtional desktop and start menu at long last. It's just a rumor for now, but if true then Windows 8 sales could rise.

Sapphire introduced a 2GB version of the new AMD HD 7790 video card to give gamers a memory boost. On the other side, NVIDIA is partnering with Deep Silver to provide a free copy of Metro: Last Light to anyone who purchases a GTX 660 or better video card at participating retailers. Futuremark has updated both 3DMark 11 and Vantage for better compatibility with newer hardware and Windows 8, respectively.

On the science side, researchers have found a way to etch structures in graphene using DNA. Synthetic DNA was used in the process, which while it could end up improving fabrication efforts, the graphene created isn't perfect. Still, it could be very useful with more refining. A self-healing artificial leaf has been created that uses tap water instead of pure water like older models. It allows for 100 watts of power from a quart of tap water, which is pretty outstanding when you look at it in the long run. Quantum computing is going to be a major factor in the future, and now there's one more particle for qubits: atomic nuclei. A nucleus isn't affected by outside forces nearly as much as other particles, so it should mean a longer lifespan for the qubit. Researchers were also able to create it on a piece of silicon with a single phosphorus atom embedded in it, which makes it more compatible with modern electronics and more scaleable.

OCC awards voting is still running until the end of the month, so be sure to hit up both topics if you haven't done so. You can also pay your respects to Nemo and his family in the goodbye topic.

OCC Loses a Staff Member: RIP Nemo

Category: OCC News
Posted: April 8, 2013 06:28PM
Author: bp9801

Just over three years ago, OCC said goodbye to Senior Staff member Ryan, known as Verran in the OCC forums. Today we say goodbye to another Senior Staff member; Dale Shuck known as Nemo.

Dale arrived at OCC in May 2004 and joined the OCC staff as a News Editor in December 2006. It didn't take long for Dale to take over as the Senior News Editor where he remained until his passing. Besides his news duties, he did reviews on NAS boxes and always handled our newsletter. He even took over all of the hiring and training of all the news staff because he felt I had too much on my plate. 

Dale was a guy that was full of knowledge and would always want to help. His dedication to make sure the Hardware Roundups were done before he left for work every morning was so amazing to me. He would share his knowledge anytime you needed it, and boy did he love to joke and poke fun with all of the OCC wives and girls. Dale was famous for being a smartass but he was also known for being a great person, full of life and always wanting to help. He was also known to us as a loving father who adored his four children. 

One funny story I will always remember was two years ago talking on the phone with him for three hours going over info about RAID. I was in the process of building a NAS unit and wanted his advice. All through the thunder, lightning, and tornado sirens he told me all of the info I needed to know. I think I was more scared about the tornado than he was, ha-ha. I remember asking him, "don't you have to get off the phone and hide or something?" His reply, "don't worry if I see it I will let you know and say goodbye." That was Dale for ya, lol.

Dale gave me a lot of personal support when Ryan passed away. Dale was very fond of Ryan and I would hope now that both of them will be reunited once again and watch over the rest of OCC until we are all brought back together once again.

Dale had a massive stroke Sunday morning and was declared legally dead this afternoon. Dale signed up as an organ donor and wanted to help people after he was gone. My hat goes out to you for that Dale, and it shows what kind of a person you truly were.

Dale: thank you for everything you did. It was a pleasure knowing you, and there won't be a day that goes by that I will not miss you, my friend. You were very unique and one of the smartest people I ever met and it's a damn shame you were taken from us so soon.

RIP my friend. Until we meet again, I will always remember you and think of you often. Say Hi to Ryan for me when you get there.

Your Friend, 


OCC Editor In Chief



Feel free to share your thoughts in the forums.

OCC Week in Review: April 1 - 5

Category: OCC News
Posted: April 5, 2013 05:27PM
Author: bp9801

If you've been gone from OCC for a while or just want to catch the latest news, here is your chance to do just that. There's a fair amount happening at OCC this week, starting with a slightly different review that's sure to make graphics card testing a lot more in-depth. NVIDIA's new Frame Capture and Analysis Tools are a combination of hardware and software components to accurately measure video game framerates. Software tools to accomplish the task have existed for a while, but they lack the ability to precisely record the gameplay experience. That's where NVIDIA's FCAT comes into play to provide a clearer picture of what to expect with your new graphics card.

If you need some more cooling for your computer, it's hard to pass up any fans made by Noctua. Luckily we have a roundup covering three Noctua fans in 140 and 150mm sizes that should fit into your system. Whether it's for an air cooler, a watercooler radiator, or just a spot on your case, the fans reviewed in the Noctua roundup could be just what you're after.

Switching over to the news, NVIDIA launched its new mobile GPU line that consists of five models in the 700M series. Three of them, the GT 750M, GT 745M, and GT 740M, are for the performance crowd, while the GT 735M and GT 720M are perfect for mainstream users. Some intrepid Linux users have discovered some possible ways Valve is going to expand Steam on the open source OS, potentially for a Steam Box. An NVIDIA Linux graphics driver and new boot splash screen were discovered, so we'll just have to see what this means for Steam. Perhaps the biggest gaming news from the week was the unfortunate demise of LucasArts. Disney acquired LucasFilm and LucasArts last year, but things were not meant to be for one of the most well-known and longest running gaming studios.

Thermaltake added a new case to its Urban series, the S71 full tower. It offers sound-dampening foam, room for two 200mm and two 120mm fans, space for three 5.25" devices and six 3.5/2.5" drives, plus an optional window. Mushkin launched a new line of 1.8" solid-state drives, the Chronos GO series. Each drive runs on SATA III and comes in 120, 240, and 480GB capacities.

Quantum computing is going to be a huge factor in the future, but there's still plenty of things to perfect before that happens. A new mechanical qubit design was proposed that works in a totally different way than past versions, as it's based on a vibrating carbon nanotube to protect the data from interference. It also allows for viability with current technology, which would bring quantum computers closer to reality. Graphene is a super strong yet fantastically thin product, yet even it appears to have a weakness. It appears the seven-atom rings at the domain borders of polycrystalline graphene can fracture with enough applied force. The good thing from the discovery is that the weakness can be circumvented with monocrystalline graphene, or polycrystalline graphene with smaller domain borders.

One final thing to take away from this week is that voting for the OCC forum awards is now open. There are a multitude of categories and members to vote for in each one, so head on over to the voting threads and choose who you think is more deserving.

OCC Weekly Recap: January 21 - 25

Category: OCC News
Posted: January 25, 2013 04:48PM
Author: bp9801

It's time to start up the OCC Weekly Recap again, as the holidays and some personal reasons necessitated a hiatus. Just like the last one in December, this is a chance to look back at the latest reviews, hottest forum topics, and interesting news items from the past week. If you've been gone from OCC for a while or visiting for the first time, this is your chance to be caught up in no time at all.

CES 2013 Coverage
Cooler Master, DEEPCOOL, Noctua, and Thermaltake CPU Cooler Roundup
Phanteks PH-TC90LS Review

Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse Review
Noctua NH-L9i Review
Phanteks PH-TC12DX Review


Roadmap for Fusion Power Released
Belkin to Buy Cisco's Home Networking Business Unit, Includes Linksys
NVIDIA GeForce Experience Arrives in Open Beta

New File Upload Site Launched by Kim Dotcom
THQ Auction Ends - Sales of Assets Detailed
Sign-Up for Elder Scrolls Online Beta Today

Hot Forum Topics

A different kind of contest @ OCC - Four Kingston V300 120GB SSDs added!
Tier 5 Contests - Donate to OCC for exclusive contests!

OCC Now on Google Currents

Category: OCC News
Posted: January 24, 2013 04:47PM
Author: bp9801

Good news OCC faithful, as OverclockersClub is now on Google Currents! Google Currents is a quick and efficient way to get all of your favorite news sources delivered through a convenient app that works on both Google and Apple devices. These sources are displayed in a way that is perfect for reading on your tablet or smartphone, and now your favorite computer enthusiast, overclocking, and gaming website is available on it. Just head on over to the OCC Google Currents page, subscribe, and that's all there is to it. You also need to have Google Currents on your smartphone or tablet, but luckily there is a download link at the OCC page. That's all there is to it in order to keep current with all the latest OCC news and reviews.

OCC Giving Away Kingston SSDs - One Just for Tier 5 Members

Category: OCC News
Posted: January 24, 2013 12:36PM
Author: bp9801

OverclockersClub's head honcho, Bosco, sure likes to reward the members with new hardware fairly regularly. This time Kingston has donated several new V300 120GB SSDs to give away, with four of them open to all members and one just for the Tier 5 members. The long-running Different Sort of Contest thread is the place to be for four of the SSDs, but you need to be entered by Tuesday, January 29, to be eligible. If you've already submitted your system information, then you're all set, but if you haven't done so, then just head over to the forum thread, read the rules, and get entered. This contest is open for everyone except OCC reviewers and staff members from other sites, so come on in and enter!

As for the Tier 5 members, everyone who has a membership by Tuesday, January 29, is eligible. To donate to OCC and become a Tier 5 member, head here to check out all the benefits and cost. Each Tier 5 membership is valid for one year, but if you've doubled or tripled your donation (or more), then you gain an extra entry for each year. Remember, you need to be a Tier 5 member by January 29 to enter that contest, so be sure to donate to have a chance.

Edit: The contest has been postponed until Friday, February 1, at 8PM PST.

OCC Weekly Recap: December 10 - 14

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 14, 2012 07:31PM
Author: bp9801

Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly feature on OCC, where we take a look at our recent reviews, hot forum topics, and some of the more interesting news articles. This is a way to get people caught up on the latest reviews, news, and forum posts, and will be an evolving segment as time goes on. Think of it as a handy way to get up to speed on all things OCC after being gone for a week. So without further ado, here is the first OCC weekly recap.

Sapphire Vapor-X Universal CPU Cooler
CM Storm Quickfire TK Keyboard
Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene 'Snow Edition' Case
CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup

Futuremark Announces New DirectX 10 Benchmark
Password-Cracking Expert Unveils 25-GPU Cluster to Crack Every Common Windows Password in Under Six Hours
Intel and IBM Detail New 22nm Technology
Rare Kind of Galaxy Discovered

New Space Power System Designed and Tested
First Wave of Intel Haswell Processors Specs Leaked
Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Allows for Mouse Movement Tracking
Google Maps Returns to iOS

Hot Forum Topics
Official 2012 OCC Christmas Contest - From now until December 24
New Forums and Official Forum Bug Reports - Big change for OCC's forums, so if you spot any lingering bugs feel free to let us know!

2012 OCC Christmas Contest is Now Over!

Category: OCC News
Posted: December 10, 2012 08:36PM
Author: bp9801

It's that time of year again, when our head elf Bosco launches the annual Christmas Contest. The grand prize this year is really something special, as an Intel Core i7 3770K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, MSI Z77A-GD65, and 16GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM make up the guts of the beast. There's plenty of other prizes to try and win too, with some of the largest names in the industry donating hardware to the contest. A full list of each product can be seen in the forum post, but the sponsors include: Noctua, DimasTech, Cougar, G.Skill, Phanteks, ROCCAT, Gigabyte, In Win, Deepcool, OCZ, Patriot, Seasonic, Prolimatech, Enermax, LEPA, AZiO, Thermaltake, and Cooler Master.

OCC's Christmas Contest is open worldwide to every member and staff. All you need to do to enter is send an email to [email protected] with the following: forum user name, full system specifications, complete mailing address and phone number, and a paragraph (or less) of what you'd upgrade in your computer and why. An auto-reply email will be sent upon successful entry completion, but please remember to include every detail in your initial email as incorrect ones are deleted.

If you are lucky enough to win the grand prize, Bosco will be calling your phone number listed in the email with the good great news on December 25. Make sure that number is where you can be reached, like a cell phone or even your grandparents' house, as failure to answer means forfeiture of the grand prize. No one would ever want that, so answer your phone on Christmas Day, even if you don't recognize the number!

Good luck and Happy Holidays from all of us at OCC!

EDIT: Winners for the contest have been announced! Go check the forum thread to see if you're one of the winners, and a special congratulations to WARDOZERX on the grand prize!

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