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NWPC News (14)

Neverwinter Online Bans Many Streaming Players for Using Exploit

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: October 1, 2018 06:23PM
Author: Grilka8050

On June 26, 2018, Neverwinter Online launched its Ravenloft module. This included a new spin on the Hunt mechanic that the developers have been fine tuning since the beginning of Chult last year. However, this new hunt system in Ravenloft had a huge exploit that went unchecked for quite some time. 

The exploit wasn’t fixed until the patch on August 29th. That’s two months of a patch going unchecked. Apparently, some players even reported the exploit while it was still on the preview server, so the developers were aware of the problem before it went live and waited until two months after to fix it. 

I feel like it’s important to explain the difference between a bug and an exploit. A bug is something that occurs without doing something different than you normally would while playing the game. For an example, this would include a certain Scourge Warlock power dealing extra damage in certain situations. An exploit is a situation where a player benefits from doing something they normally wouldn’t do and gain a benefit. For example, (and this isn’t real) if you were to jump three times on the bottom step right before battling the final boss of a dungeon, log out and back in, and you’d get a super buff. Exploits are bad, and they are bannable offenses according to the Terms of Service. This particular exploit is bad because it disrupts the game’s economy, thereby affecting the entire player base even if only a small percentage participated.

The exploit in question allowed players to use Tarokka Cards on their hunts without consuming them. The most notable form of hunt exploitation allowed players to farm Astral Diamonds without consuming the poster or the card, effectively only costing them time. There wasn’t the Rough AD cap to slow players down, and without requiring any additional resources, this was an unlimited source of AD. 

Cryptic’s response was to issue a huge wave of bans. Unfortunately, this included many of their big streamers, which is why this ban wave has gotten so much attention on Neverwinter news reporting sites and social media. I can’t find any official sources to confirm how many accounts were banned, but it’s rumored that over 1,000 players were banned for using this exploit. It didn’t help that one of the top Neverwinter News sites explained how to do the bug either.

I think this whole situation is bad, and everyone deserves a little blame. Cryptic should have fixed the bug before launching the module on the live server. NWO shouldn’t have explained how to do the bug. Last but not least, the players shouldn’t have used the bug, and I think they are ultimately responsible for their bans. Cheaters ruin games for everyone, and I think they got what they deserved. 

Sources: Arc GamesMMORPG.com, Neverwinter Uncensored

Arc Games Upgrade Servers This Month

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: September 10, 2018 09:53PM
Author: Grilka8050

During the month of September, Arc Games (owners of Neverwinter Online) will be upgrading their game servers. These upgrades require a lot of downtime for the games, so the Neverwinter developers have spaced it out through the month of September. Here is the schedule of downtime:

Thursday Sept 6, 7-9am (all platforms)

Tuesday Sept 11, 5-10am (all platforms)

Thursday Sept 13, 5-10am (all platforms)

Tuesday Sept 18, 7-9am (consoles)

Tuesday Sept 25, 5am-2pm(PC), 7-9am(consoles)

With this much time being dedicated to upgrading the servers, I’m hoping we see a major improvement in connectivity in Neverwinter. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do during the game’s downtime!

Source: Arc Games

Neverwinter Online Announces New Mod: The Heart of Fire featuring Acquisitions Inc

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: August 30, 2018 01:10PM
Author: Grilka8050

The NW developers have been sending out tweets and making subtle changes in NWO’s Protector’s Enclave, teasing the players about the upcoming Mod 15. There’s been a lot of speculation that the next mod was going to be a Waterdeep module, but instead it’s a unique adventure.  HoF is set to launch November 6, 2018.

In their announcement, the devs said that it will include a new skirmish, a professions overhaul, a Beholder convention, and “more.” I think the professions overhaul is a welcome update for the players, as there aren’t many viable things to craft in professions right now. And I don’t know about anyone else, but there is nothing more satisfying than killing a beholder. I cannot wait for the Beholder convention! Overall this mod sounds super fun! 

Source: Arc Games


Neverwinter Online Spoiler: Module 15 Might Be in Waterdeep

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: August 2, 2018 05:09PM
Author: Grilka8050

The Official Neverwinter Online Twitter published an interesting tweet yesterday. It included a picture of a horse-drawn wagon in Protector’s Enclave and the phrase, “You think this might be the place?” 

This year the D&D Stream of Many Eyes introduced a new storyline, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, to the 5E D&D universe. Neverwinter Online has followed suit in most of the modules they’ve launched so far. It stands to reason that if Tabletop is getting the Waterdeep expansion, so is Neverwinter Online

Neverwinter Uncensored has uncovered some game files that include “Fishing Powers.” A lot of players have NOT liked fishing in the past, even though it’s appeared in three different modules in three different styles. Based on the content of these files (and the fact that Waterdeep is a coastal city), it looks like it might be similar to the fishing style in Lonelywood, where the player character fishes from the shore. 

Neverwinter Uncensored also uncovered a photo of the Founder’s Pack for Mod 15, similar to what they uncovered for Mod 14/Ravenloft. This picture includes a new human companion, a month of VIP, two Coalescent Wards, three Blood Rubies, and a fashion set labeled “Patrician.” 

All in all, these findings bring up some interesting theories for Module 15. A new zone, fishing, and a founder’s pack are a lot to think about! Are you excited, concerned, or confused? I’m feeling a mixture. I love exploring new expansions on NWO (and the founder’s packs help). But I’m both concerned and confused that the developers are continuing to release modules with fishing, when it’s clearly unpopular with their player base. They’ve tried it three different ways already; it’s time to put the idea to rest. 

Source: Neverwinter Uncensored

Neverwinter Online: Ravenloft Module Launches

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: June 25, 2018 11:13PM
Author: Grilka8050

After the Maintenance Live Stream on June 26th, Neverwinter players will now be able to visit Barovia and work towards entering Castle Ravenloft. This new mod includes more than a new zone though; there are also a LOT of “quality of life” updates and changes.

New Campaign

Ravenloft employs a campaign-style like The Jungles of Chult; it has the opening quests, then it is more of a sandbox-style campaign. You can choose how to earn your campaign currencies, with a weekly cap that increases as you move through the campaign. There are also hunts in this zone, but unlike Chult, these only require a single piece: a “Wanted Poster” that appears in your inventory as you kill mobs in the zone. You won’t have to farm a bunch of T-Rexes to make lures anymore! There is also the new dungeon Castle Ravenloft. This dungeon is unlocked after progressing through the Ravenloft campaign. You can read more about the campaign here.

Quality of Life Updates

Most notable of these QoL changes are the Astral Diamonds updates Rough AD can now be refined up to 100,000 per account per day (before it was 36k per character per day). For those with several alt characters, this is a huge nerf. But the standard player uses the two free characters per account, and there are some players who only use character per day anyways. Overall, this is an improvement. This will impact random queues as well; people won’t be farming random dungeons with their neglected alts as often. 

Random Queues are getting an update too! Based on feedback that the developers have received, Random Queues now have more categories based on difficulty, rather than type. There are more tiers of difficulty, and the Skirmishes, Dungeons, and Trials have been combined. You can only receive AD rewards once per day per account, but the values have increased. Also, the required Item Level for “Merchant Prince’s Folly” has been moved to 9,000; it was previously 10,000.

The Bonus Refinement Points event is also getting an update. You can now spend AD to improve the amount of Refinement Points you get from the event. There is a bar in the event section of your screen that shows how much of a boost you are getting. You can boost it up to five times, with each level costing 25,000 AD. In my opinion, this is just an AD sink and not worth your money.

There are also more banking options! In your shared account bank, you can currently store items, Gold, and Trade Bars. It will now include Companion Upgrade Tokens and Astral Diamonds. Loot has been improved too. If it’s something that does not bind on equip, will cause all party members to auto-roll Need if they can use it, and Greed if they can’t. Mail is also getting a nice change. If you have started writing an email and try to leave the window, it will cause a confirmation prompt to appear first. You have no idea how many guild emails I’ve had to rewrite because I accidentally clicked the wrong thing. Thank goodness for this update!

If you’ve been away for a long time, you will now have the option to teleport your character to a safe area to get your bearings on the game changes. This seems like a great idea to me. If I was away for six months and came back to Neverwinter and spawned in the middle of a Heroic Encounter, that would be very unpleasant. And I’d probably be out of VIP, so it would cost an Injury Kit too. 

The Quest Path and Journal are being updated. The algorithm that auto-selects the quest path has been updated. You will still be able to override this in your Journal, but the default will be “more intuitive”. The Journal will also now show the number of Party Members who are on a given quest. It will show which quest the party leader has selected, but players will be able to choose their quest path individually.

Item Changes

Some Enchantments are being updated also. Many enchantment damage percentages were modified by speed of power; now this modifier has been removed. The resulting damage dealt should be minuscule, or a small increase in some cases. The affected enchantments include: Terror, Lightning, Lifedrinker, Holy Avenger, Frost, Flaming, Feytouched, Dread, Bronzewood, and Bilethorn. I’m hoping these changes work in my favor, as I run a Dread enchantment. The Thunderhead Enchantment is also getting a rework, since it was really buggy. It can no longer multi-proc and deal double damage to enemies that are close together. The Stun duration has also been modified to 2.5 seconds for ranks 7-11, and for ranks 12-13 it is three seconds. 

Some item powers are being changed as well. The Batiri Shaman Mask now has a 100% chance to trigger, but has an internal cooldown of three minutes. The Boots of the Alpha also has a 100% chance to trigger, but the internal cooldown is only 45 seconds. The Cambist’s Gauntlets now have a 10-second cooldown, but cost five silver (increased from three silver and 50 copper). Chitter’s Fangs can no longer multi-proc before the internal cooldown. Mane of the Manticore can no longer multi-proc before its internal cooldown sets in. 

Companion gear will be dropping in the new lockbox, and it includes +5 gear that previously only dropped in the Illusionist’s Gambit skirmish. The +5 gear used to have one offense slot and one overload slot. These are all being changed to two offense slots. If you currently have an overload enchantment in your companion gear, that enchantment will be removed and mailed to you. 

Seals are changing too! Protector’s Seals are being phased out and replaced with Seals of the Brave. You can get the Brave Seals from Heroic Encounters and most dungeons now. Castle Ravenloft will drop “Seals of the Crown”. Seal vendors will also sell Primal armor now. The old relic armor from the Storm King’s Thunder campaign will now be available in the store in the campaign window. Also, Vivified Primal Armor is getting the Item Level increased from 510 to 535.


To my dismay, the Stronghold Boon structure, the Barracks, will no longer require Conqueror’s Shards. Instead they will need Adventurer’s Shards. Of course, they make this change after my guild gets theirs to max level! But this will be really helpful for lower leveled and new guilds. It’s definitely a much-needed change, though I wish they had chosen Dungeoneer’s Shards, since those are always overflowing. 


The Character Selection Window is being changed. You can now have limited control over what order your characters appear. You can mark one character as your main and have the option of having it always appear at the top. You can also sort the remainder by: last played date, level, class, name, and date created. I’d like to see a drag-and-drop sort option, but this is better than nothing. The Character Sheet is also getting a couple changes. The Boon category will highlight if you have points to spend. Before you had to comb through each campaign to figure out which one had unspent boon points, so this is awesome! The Powers tab will no longer flash on any screen if you have maxed out your power points. Also, you can toggle off your weapon/armor enchantment visuals! This is a great change, because the visuals often covered up your carefully-designed armor or fashion items. 

There are a few classes being balanced. The Trickster Rogue’s power “Shadow of Demise” will now deal 75% of triggered damage as a five-second Damage over Time, and when it ends it now deals 75% of the damage dealt over the duration (increased from 50%). This is based on mitigated damage.  The Shadowborn feat now provides a max bonus of 35%, increased from 25%. Smoke Bomb now works with diminishing returns in PVP as well. Overall, the TR will be more balanced in PVP, but the damage should remain fairly consistent.  They Scourge Warlock stamina bar will not get stuck anymore. Great Weapon Fighter’s stamina bars will also not get stuck anymore. In addition, Spinning Strike will now correctly increase movement speed at Rank 4. Guardian Fighter’s “Bull’s Charge” power will no longer send enemies prone in PVP (PVE stays the same). The Hunter Ranger’s power “Piercing Blades” now deals damage post-mitigation, instead of pre-mitigation. 

Level Scaling has been updated. When your item level is being scaled down for a particular zone, it should be more difficult now. There are some known problems, however. Companion gear and enchantments are being scaled down to a lower level than expected, and sometimes armor and weapon enchantments stop functioning. The developers are aware of these issues and are working to promptly fix them.

Retraining your characters is also getting updated. Rather than using one token and changing everything (which takes like an hour), you will only use a retraining token to change one section of your character: Powers, Feats, Ability Scores, and Boons. It will no longer wipe the slate clean, but leave them how they were and allow you to tweak them as needed. Players who already have Retraining Tokens will be given two additional tokens for each one they already own. As a result of these changes, the associated costs with retraining have been reduced. 

Wow, that is a lot of changes happening this mod! Between the new campaign, inventory changes, and everything else, it will definitely take me a few days to adjust to it all. Good luck adventurers! 

Source: Arc Games

Neverwinter Designers Present a Tour of Ravenloft Update

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: June 21, 2018 08:42PM
Author: Grilka8050

Thomas Foss (Lead Designer of Neverwinter) and Chantelle Tatum (Systems Designer) teamed up to make a video to tease the Neverwinter fans about the new Ravenloft update launching next week. This video tour previews some of the exciting features of the new module, including the hunts, the new dungeon, and more!

This module starts with Lord Neverember asking you to investigate the new group of travelers in town, the Vistani. After defeating an attacking group of wolves, the Vistani grant you a token of Vistani Brotherhood, allowing you to have free passage between Barovia and the Sword Coast. 

Madam Eva is the Vistani’s Spiritual Matriarch/Seer. She gives you a Tarokka card when you first enter Barovia. She also gives Tarokka readings before each hunt. Like the Yeti “hunt” in Bryn Shander, you follow your hunt mark to three locations, which are to be guessed at based on the hints you receive in your Tarokka reading. Don’t worry, these hints aren’t difficult. The hunts take place in a special instance. This means that there aren’t other adventurers running around, but the zone mobs are still around, so you will want to choose your path carefully. 

In addition to the new zone of Barovia, Mod 14 will also include a new dungeon: Castle Ravenloft! Your party must locate three artifacts of power and defeat Strahd’s sisters and minions, before coming face to face with Strahd Von Zarovich himself!

The Ravenloft update also has some new features, including a Day and Night cycle. While running through Barovia, the border around your mini-map will show you whether it’s day or night, and how close the sunrise or sunset will be. The land of Barovia also features some classic mobs, including witches, werewolves, and scarecrows. Prepare for Barovia and all of its mysteries by getting your item level up to 13,000! 

Source: Arc Games [1] [2]

Brightlocker’s Neverwinter Giveaway Returns

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: June 6, 2018 05:04PM
Author: Grilka8050

Once again, Brightlocker is giving away the Neverwinter Vanguard packs. These are great for a new player! They include things like Enchantments, XP booster, consumables, and minor refining stones. 

Simply go to Brightlocker’s website and create an account, if you haven't already. Then you just claim the Neverwinter Vanguard Pack code, and copy the code to your clipboard. Then you open the Arc launcher, click on the Gear, select “activate a product,” and paste your code into the text box. Next time you log into Neverwinter, Press “L” and click “Claim Rewards.” It will be in the “Claim” tab. This pack is Account Bound, so you can move it around if you claim it on the wrong character. 

This pack is not particularly good for an endgame player. If you have multiple characters, I recommend opening this on your dumpiest alt. The XP booster is nice for possible Power Points from the leveling rewards, but other than that it’s not very good. I guess you get what you pay for!

Source: Brightlocker

Neverwinter Online Summer Upcharge Bonus Event Items Detailed

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: June 5, 2018 06:39PM
Author: Grilka8050

Once again, Neverwinter will be having its Summer Promotional Zen event. Basically, this event features extra items for buying in-game currency with real money. The event runs from June 14th to August 2nd. The bonus includes the following:

1,000 Zen - Four Enchanted Keys

2,500 Zen - 30 Days Free VIP

5,000 Zen - Suratuk’s Red-Dusted Axebeak

7,500 Zen - 100% off any Zen Companion coupon

10,000 Zen - Epic XP booster

20,000 Zen - Runic Bag of Holding (36 slots), Blueforged Rage Drake (epic mount), and Five Coalescent Wards

You do not have to purchase all of this in one transaction. It counts all Zen purchases within the time frame. This is one of my favorite Zen events! It's a great opportunity to make the most of converting your real life money into Zen. There's also a new mod coming out soon, so it's a great chance to stock up on keys and save them for when the new lockbox launches.

Source: Press Release

Claim a Rare Companion in the Neverwinter Online Giveaway

Category: NWPC
Posted: June 1, 2018 09:11PM
Author: Grilka8050

In honor of the Stream of Many Eyes, Neverwinter Online is doing a giveaway: a green level Cambion Magus companion! These are currently worth 2.7 million Astral Diamonds on the PC Auction House (Note: there are only rare companions available, and the one in the giveaway is green). This companion is Character Bound on Equip, so make sure you are on the right character when claiming it from the claims agent. Don't want to claim on the wrong one!

This companion provides 2.5/5/10% Crit Severity (uncommon/rare/epic, respectively). He has two Offense slots and one Defense slot. He also has gear slots for Neck, Talisman, and Ring.

To claim this companion, you just use the code “manyeyes.” I don’t have any information on how many times this is claimable or when the promotion ends, so hurry and claim this while you can!

Source: Press Release

Neverwinter Siege Event Returns

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 17, 2018 05:16AM
Author: Grilka8050

Starting tomorrow, the two-week-long Siege begins in Neverwinter. This is one of my favorite events because it has so many good rewards! 

If you have a low-level character, this event is a great way to power level your toon. The mobs are all Level 60, and you are bumped up/down to Level 60, so if you are lower level, you can get a lot of XP from the mobs. 

If you do the daily quest each day, you can also get enough currency to get an Epic Mount: the Siegebreaker Griffon! This mount is super awesome because it has the Wanderer’s Fortune Insignia Bonus, which means you get a bunch of Refining points. This bonus works like a really beefy Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment. 

You can also use your event currency to buy Quartermaster Enchantments. This Guide explains in more depth how to use them effectively. In a nutshell, you need three R12’s when you open the bags on 2x refining stones weekend, and to save your bags for that event. 

The most awesome part of this event (in my opinion) is the Vouchers that drop from the trash mobs. These are a great way to stock up on Campaign Currencies and other resources for your Guild Coffer and level up your Stronghold. You will also get a lot of Guild Marks!  

There are more rewards for this event (like fashion items, Dye Packs, and Companions), but the rewards listed are the items worth farming the most. 

Source: Arc Games

Cryptic Announces the Neverwinter: Ravenloft Expansion

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 10, 2018 08:57PM
Author: Grilka8050

A new realm is on the way soon to Neverwinter: Ravenloft. Launching June 26, 2018, this spooky realm will be the theme of Mod 14. This new Campaign will feature a new adventure zone set in Barovia and a new dungeon: Castle Ravenloft! The dungeon’s final boss will be the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. There will also be new hunts and an updated hunt mechanic. Cryptic didn’t give any further details in its announcement, but it is going to be publishing Developer Blogs in the coming weeks with more information. 

How exciting is this?! Tabletop fans who play Neverwinter are all expressing their excitement for this upcoming content. 

Source: Arc Games

Neverwinter Launches "Refer a Friend" Program

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: May 7, 2018 09:38PM
Author: Grilka8050

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been asking your significant other to play Neverwinter with you with no luck. Now is your chance to give them an extra reason to join you! Both of you will get an exclusive pack if he or she uses your referral code.

It’s very simple to complete this process. Go to this website and make sure your friend uses this link when they sign up for an account. They need to get to Level 20 (it takes around a day or two, depending on the time they can devote to playing). After that, you both can go to the Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave (or access the "L" menu in-game) and claim your prizes!

The new player/recruit will receive the following: Mercenary Companion, Carmine Bulette Mount, Title (Promising Recruit), one Character Slot, one Retraining Token, and a Greater Bag of Holding. Additionally, every five levels the recruit will receive an Heirloom Pack that contains: Shirt, Pants, two Rings, and twoWeapons.  

The Veteran Player/inviter will also receive a Carmine Bulette Mount, as well as: the “Worthy Recruiter” title, and a Blood Ruby. They will also receive a Neverwinter Vanguard Pack, which includes: one Black Pearl, three Peridots, Wayfarer’s XP Booster, five Exalted Healing Potions, and five Injury Kits.

Source: Arc Games

The Mysterious Egg and "Day of the Dungeon Master" Return to Neverwinter This Weekend

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: March 29, 2018 07:33PM
Author: Grilka8050

Starting today, March 29, on Neverwinter after maintenance, some exciting new events are beginning. The Mysterious Egg is available on the Wondrous Bazaar! It has a chance to drop a cockatrice or a Chicken companion. The cockatrice is a very situational companion. I haven’t ever used it as an active or summoned companion personally. However, the Chicken is a great Augment Companion. They are great for a support class, like a DC or tank. 

The Day of the Dungeon Master also begins today. This month-long event is full of interesting rewards, but only some of them are really worth your time. The Beholder Tank Legendary Mount is the best reward from this event. You have a chance for it to drop from the Artificer’s Workshop, so that is why you will probably see a lot of people farming that event dungeon. The Adorable Pocket pet is also a great prize. It goes in your potion tray and it gives you a random buff. These include AP gain, Crit severity, Regeneration, and Reduced Threat. It’s not as good as the Chain of Scales from the new zone, but everyone has the opportunity to get one of these by participating in the event, whereas the Scales can only be obtained by completing the hardest content in the game.

Another notable reward is the potion "Lathendar’s Dew." This little Event Food item provides AP gain. Builds that maximize AP gain, like many Clerics, will find this food useful. I recommend stocking up and saving them to sell later or using them. The other rewards for this event include: Apocalypse Dagger (artifact), Portobello’s Wand of Sight, Owlbear Figurine, Perter Golem, Green Slime, Lliira’s Fare, and Neverwintan Red Veins. 

Sources: ArcGames [1] [2]

Neverwinter Events Starting on March 22, 2018

Category: NWPC, Neverwinter News
Posted: March 21, 2018 07:59PM
Author: Grilka8050

This weekend has a lot of potential for Guild Strongholds in Neverwinter. There are several events going on that are really exciting! These events are running Thursday, March 22, through Monday, March 26. This weekend’s events include: Double Icewind Dale currency, Double Shards of Power, and 20% off Stronghold Items in the Zen store. These items are often bottlenecks for upgrading Stronghold structures, so I suggest making the most of this weekend. 

One way to do that is for Guild Leaders to hold a Coffer Contest! If you Click Here, you can download this program that analyzes the donations for you, and it makes the contest much easier to manage. These contests are a great way to expedite Guild growth. The hardest part is finding prizes! 

If you aren’t familiar with Guild Strongholds, this Guild Member Guide explains how these currencies help to grow the guild. 

Sources: IWD Currency Arc Games

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