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Zumax 950 Watt X4 Review



Never having heard of Zumax before, I was skeptical about the quality and performance of the 950 X4 series power supply. Fortunately, the skepticism was unfounded as the X4 950 performed well across the board. The voltage rails held steady during the load testing I performed. Each line held within the specification for that rail. The thermally controlled fan definitely helps with case cooling when the load is ramped up. The "Turbo Fan Switch" gives the user the added ability to ramp up the power supply cooling fan as well as the case fans attached to the special fan cables on the X4 950. The voltage on these special lines runs at six volts when in non Turbo mode and run at almost twelve volts when the "Turbo Fan Switch" is engaged. What this does is give you the best of both worlds, low and slow for when you don't need the extra performance and right back up to normal fan speeds and performance in Turbo mode.

All of the main cabling was sleeved while the molex, floppy and SATA connections were left bare. I would have liked to see all of the cabling sleeved for a uniform look. At 43dBA, the fan in the Zumax power supply is a bit loud. Not annoyingly loud, but loud enough to hear it when in a quiet environment. All things considered, the Zumax 950 watt is deserving of consideration for your hard earned dollars the next time you go shopping for a power supply. With stable rails under load, Active PFC, connections for the latest high end video cards and power to feed the newest multi core CPUs, what else would you need?



  • Turbo Fan Switch
  • 6  20Amp 12volt rails
  • Thermally controlled fan
  • Protective caps for unused cable connections
  • Performance under load
  • Nice finish
  • Silent in non Turbo mode
  • Active PFC
  • RoHS compliance



  • Noisy when in Turbo mode


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  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing (Setup, Idle, Load, Airflow Testing)
  5. Conclusion
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