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Zowie IO 1.1 Professional Gaming Bundle Review

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Closer Look:

With our mouse, mouse pad, and carrying case out of the packaging, we can really see the quality of this bundle. The coating on the mouse feels great in the hand, but feels like it could potentially become slippery if your hands sweat. Upon unraveling our "mouse carpet," you get the idea of how large it really is, not by dimension, but by visually seeing how large it is. The material of the pad also feels good to the hand. So here is what everything looks like unpacked.











Here you can see for yourself the sheer size of this mouse pad. Apart from its size, in the specs it also mentions the pad is waterproof. From looking at everything in the bundle as a whole, the mouse pad looks like the best part.



Moving on we look at the mouse. Probably the weaker part of this gaming bundle, this mouse only maxes out at a resolution of 400 DPI. With no software provided, and no on the fly adjustment, it would seem you are stuck at this low resolution. The mouse has five buttons, which is more than some other mice; however, I think most people would rather have a faster mouse when it comes to gaming than more buttons. The mouse is capable of USB 1.1/2.0, as well as PS/2 using the provided adapter. Additionally, the mouse also comes with an extra set of feet, so when the ones it already has wear out you, can replace them.



Lastly we look at the CO/GENES mouse bag. According to the box, this bag is made of a soft and durable cloth. It is a bit larger than the mouse of course, so you could hold a bit more than just the mouse in it, but I'm not sure what other small items you could fit in besides the mouse.



Well, now that we had a look at the whole bundle, let's see how this mouse performs.

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