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ZOGIS 9800GTX Review

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To thoroughly test the ZOGIS 9800GTX, I'm going to be running it through a series of popular games. Some of these games are extremely new while others have been on the market for some time. All of the video cards that I'm going to be comparing against this ZOGIS 9800GTX were tested at stock settings and with the latest driver revisions. Below, you can find the test system that I used during the testing of this card. After the stock testing is done, I will overclock this card as far as it will let me go before it screams for mercy.

Comparison Video Cards:



Overclocked settings:

  • ZOGIS 9800 GTX 823/1274

The ZOGIS 9800GTX was a beast when it came to overclocking. I was able to overclock the stock GPU clock of 675MHz all the way up to 823MHz! A 148MHz overclock is quite good if you ask me. I was also able to get the stock memory clock of 1100MHz all the way up to 1274MHz - a 174MHz increase. The shader clock was stock at 1688MHz, but I was able to bring it up to 2001MHz. The core clock was able to go higher, but the memory kept having to go down, so these numbers are the absolute highest that I could get for all three of the variables. I've never overclocked any other video card nearly this much in all of my years of overclocking. I'm thoroughly impressed with the ZOGIS 9800GTX's overclocking ability.


  • Video:
  1. Crysis
  2. Knights of the Sea
  3. Bioshock
  4. Call of Duty 4
  5. World in Conflict
  6. Call of Jaurez
  7. 3DMark 06 Professional


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