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ZOGIS 9800GTX Review

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Closer Look:

The ZOGIS 9800GTX is a very large video card measuring in at about 10.5 inches long. This card features a dual slot cooling system, so you'll need to have two expansion slots open for this card to fit properly. The stock GPU core clock is 675MHz, the memory clock is 1100MHz, and the shader clock is set to 1688MHz at stock. On the front of the video card, you'll see a silver tribal-like symbol and a "Z" on the fan standing for "ZOGIS." This card supports either PCI-E x16 1.0 or 2.0 slots as well.









The ZOGIS 9800GTX features two DVI ports that feature dual link DVI technology. There is also an S-Video port on the card, as well as slots in the front grill to allow air to be constantly flowing through the card. The back of the card is exposed, revealing some capacitors and allowing heat to pass out the rear end of the video card.



This card is powered by two 6-pin cables. Quite a demand of power, I'd say! This 9800GTX is also SLI-Enabled for users who wish to use more than one 9800GTX at a time.



Here is a shot of the 65nm GPU, as well as the memory and capacitors. The lettering on the GPU is "G92-420-A2."



This card uses a copper/aluminum heatsink to cool the GPU. Looks like a good setup here - I wonder how well the GPU and memory will be able to overclock?



Now let's get the drivers installed and everything up and running!


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