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ZOGIS 9800GTX Review

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The ZOGIS 9800GTX is an excellent video card. This video card took first place in 25 of 32 tests and outperformed the 8800GTX in every single test. If you ask me, twenty-five out of thirty-two is quite good, especially after you take a look at how stacked the competition was. The overclocking headroom that this particular card has is simply massive! A whopping 148MHz increase on the GPU clock and a 174MHz increase on the memory clock. That is, by far, the largest headroom that I have ever seen on any video card that I've tested. To make things even better, the fan was very quiet at all times. Even with a 100% load on the video card, the fan was much quieter than any other video card's fan at 100% load that I've tested. Not only does this card perform well, it's priced at a very affordable and reasonable range of $299-$349. To give you an idea, you can still find the 8800GTXs for sale much closer to $400! Also, the ZOGIS 9800GTX is Hybrid and Tri-SLI capable. Hybrid-SLi is a new technology from nVidia that allows the user to use SLI but have only one onboard GPU running during simple 2D graphics, and once the user starts running more intense 3D graphics, the other video cards in the SLI start running. This, of course, requires a hybrid SLI capable motherboard. This ends up saving a lot of power instead of running two or three SLI cards all at full power. Speaking of Tri-SLI, this card joins the 8800GTX and 8800 Ultra as the only cards that can take advantage of this technology. The only con for this video card is that it is fairly large. It measures 10.5 inches long and for some users, this might not fit comfortably in their case, but for me it was no issue. If you are looking for an affordable, impressive performing, and overclocking beast of a video card, definitely do yourself a favor and pick up the ZOGIS 9800GTX.

Another great reason to pick up a ZOGIS 9800GTX from Newegg.com is that for a limited time, everyone will get a free T-shirt and a chance to win another ZOGIS 9800GTX to complete an SLI system! Talk about a great deal from ZOGIS! Please read the details on either company's website.



  • Overclocking Headroom
  • Quiet
  • Hybrid SLI Capable
  • Tri-SLI Capable
  • Price



  • Large (10.5 Inches); Some Mid-Tower Cases Might Not Accomodate


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