Zippy WK-207 Aluminum Keyboard Review

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Reviewed on: December 31, 2003
Keyboard Master
Price: $45 USD
Most keyboards today offer an array of multi function buttons, and extras. Today, we are taking an exclusive look at the newest keyboard that hasn�t yet hit the market, the Zippy Aluminum WK720. It was nice to see the simple approach Zippy took with the wk720 keyboard; no shortcut buttons or scroll wheels just the basics needed in a keyboard, which was very nice to see since I never use the multi function buttons on my current keyboard.

  • The bacteria doesn�t cling to keyboard, very easier to clean and safer to use.
  • Elegant & Slim design effectively makes typing less strenuous.
  • Notebook Computer styled flat-key layout.
  • Spring-equipped short keystroke mechanism.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • USB platform compatible.
  • Fully Compatible with Window 9X / 2000 / ME / XP

  • Specifications
    Dimensions: 410 X 167 X 23mm
    Weight: 580g
    Key number: 104 keys (by language)
    Cable length: 1.5 meters
    Interface: USB only / USB combo
    Keystroke life: 10 million
    Switch type: scissors
    Key operating force: 55 +/- 20g
    Power consumption: DC5V +/-5%, 50mA max
    Safety Approval: FCC class B, CE, BSMI

    In-Depth Look

    I was very impressed when I opened the box; this has to be the best looking keyboard I have ever seen. The bottom half of the keyboard is made of black plastic with the top being made of aluminum with plastic silver keys.

    The build of this keyboard is great, and the aluminum gives the WK-720 a very solid feel as opposed to plastic. The WK-720 uses a USB connector and the cord measures in at 1.5 meters more than enough length for the average users.
    In-Depth Look
    I was a little worried about scratches and dents being that the keyboard is aluminum. So I decided to put this beautiful keyboard thru a torture test. I tossed my car keys across it a few times, it did leave marks but they wiped away and you could not tell that there was any damage. The aluminum had no give at all so I don�t think dents will be a concern either. I�m sure a deep scratched wont come out. After my little test I feel confident that normal everyday use poses no hazard to the finish.

    I decided to put this keyboard to the test with a few hours of counterstrike. I initially thought that the flat design and laptop like keys would take some getting used to. Some of the keys are a little different than your average desktop keyboard. The shift, enter, and space bar keys are a little smaller than what you would normally see, also the arrow keys and right ctrl button has been moved over slightly much like a laptop�s keyboard. The keyboard has a very natural feel and took no time to adjust from my other keyboard.

    I was shocked when I first plugged up the keyboard, by the blinding LED's! The LED�s are very bright, almost too bright. You won�t have any problems knowing if the caps lock or num lock is on. The bright blue LED�s make it much easier to see than the standard dim green LED�s I�m use too.


    Overall I have to say I really like this keyboard, typing was a dream and the key strokes were quieter than my other keyboard. The look of the keyboard really makes me want to go out a buy two tone silver/black monitor, and aluminum case. My only concern is the price of this keyboard is a little steep, but like they say you get what you pay for, and what you get is great looks with a simplistic layout. I would like to thank Zippy & Keyboard Master for sending me this great keyboard as it is now replacing my current keyboard.