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ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler FZ120 Review

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Closer Look:  

Taking a look at the ZEROtherm Zen CPU cooler out of the packaging, there is a very distinctive tower look to it, which has been proven effective in the past. The fins of the unit are all made of aluminum, which will draw the heat off of the copper heatpipes that are running up from the base throughout all of the fins. There are a total of fifty-five fins that are not all going in a straight direction. There is a wave pattern to the fins on the heatsink, which add to the surface area of the fins, adding more cooling possibilities. The four copper heatpipes run from the top of the heatsink through the fins, through the base, then continue up through the fins on the other side, and end at the top of the cooler.  













If you decide to add the 120mm fan that came with the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler, you are going to switch it from passive cooling active, which should, in all situations, decrease the temperatures. The 120mm fan fits naturally on the Zen CPU Cooler.  It covers all fifty-five of the fins, which will allow more heat to dissipate to them.The fan does not stick out off of the cooler very far, which makes the width of the cooler nice during a tight installation. 



When you take a look at the base of the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler, you are able to see that the base is made out of copper, which is where all four of the copper heatpipes come together, making the heat transfer from the processor to the base to the heatpipes quicker and more effective. The top of the Zen CPU Cooler is very simple, it has been polished and the name has been imprinted in the top fin. there also is a section in the center of the top that has been "pushed" down. This travels all the way to the bottom, adding more surface area to be cooled.



The mounting hardware for the ZEROtherm Zen CPU Cooler is a two piece setup.  First you choose which socket you are going to be cooling.  In my case, I will be using the Socket 775 mounting hardware. This hardware consists of a bracket that mounts to the actual heatsink. You take four screws and screw the hardware down tight to the heatsink. Once you have this completed, there is a black mounting bracket that goes on the back of your motherboard to screw the screws into and keep the heatsink in place and tightly fitting to the processor. There is a sticky substance on the backplate that you can use to keep it in place, but does not need to be used.  



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