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ZEROtherm Nirvana NV 120 Cpu Cooler Review

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The system you choose to mount the Zerotherm Nirvana NV 120 on will dictate which bracket you will need. I'll be testing the Nirvana on the Intel Core 2 Q6600. After choosing the appropriate bracket, you will need to screw it to the heatsink. Once that is attached, take the supplied X-Bracket and place it on the back of your motherboard in correspondence with the proper openings.











Next you will need to apply the provided heatsink paste (or third-party paste) to your CPU, and then attach the Nirvana to the motherboard by using the screws attached to the bracket on the heatsink. The ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 comes equipped with stops attached to the screws so there is no need to worry if the unit will be too loose or tight.



Once attached, replace your motherboard back in its case, screw it on and you are ready to go. If you choose to use the fan controller the jumper wire on the controller is quite long, so there should be no problem mounting it conveniently on your case.



The motherboard chosen to test the heatsink on is the DFI 680I LT. This motherboard comes equipped with a Northbridge heatsink that is fairly large. Thus, mounting the Nirvana with the fan facing downward is impossible without modifying either, so the heatsink will be facing up along with the comparison heatsink, which will be the Tuniq Tower.

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