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ZEROtherm BTF90 CPU Cooler



From the first look I got of this cooler, my initial impression was that it was just another cooler. When I saw the butterfly design, my impression dropped further. I was thinking that if you need to make it look like something that has nothing to do with its intended purpose, I consider that a marketing gimmick. It turns out that this is not the case here. It actually has meaning behind it and I can see why it would be important for them. In no way did the look of the cooler seem to affect its performance.

In fact, when I lined it up against the Scythe Mine III and the Tuniq Tower and saw the size difference, I figured it would get blown out of the water. Boy was I wrong. It did not take top honors here in this contest, but it held its own in astonishing form. When you take into account that it is so much smaller in its dimensions, uses a smaller fan, costs less, runs quieter and still cools exceptionally well, I would have no problem using this in any of my system builds. It has a very easy install method and uses less room inside your case. Here is a picture for size comparisons.

For the “first flight” into the retail market with the ZEROtherm cooler, I think we may have a new contender to watch out for that may take the crown of the ultimate CPU cooler in the near future. I have absolutely no problem recommending this product to anyone looking to cool their overclocked or stock CPU.

While this cooler did not take the top place in the test score that I ran, I can find nothing negative about this cooler. It is a well made and well designed cooler that makes excellent use of the technologies that are incorporated into it. For the price that they are asking for this cooler, you really get your money's worth.


  • Price
  • Auto control fan speed
  • Light weight
  • Smaller size takes less case room
  • 8 heat pipes
  • Copper base
  • Efficient
  • Performance


  • None
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