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ZEROtherm BTF90 CPU Cooler



Installation of this cooler is very much like that of so many others out there, but with one exception. In order to get access to the mounting screws on the fan side of the cooler, it is necessary to remove the fan from the cooler. This is done by removing two screws from the top, and then lifting up on the orange fan bracket that traverses the depth of the cooler.


For the socket 775 system that I am installing this on, it is required that I first attach a bracket to the bottom of the CPU cooler, which is held on by four included screws.


This mounting scenario also requires the use of a back plate to hold the cooler to the motherboard. It has an adhesive coated insulating pad attached to it to prevent the bracket from grounding out on the board. Line this bracket up with the holes on the board from the bottom side and stick it to the board. This will keep it lined up as you flip the board over for the next step.

Before we go further, now is the time to coat the CPU with a thin layer of the included high performance thermal paste that came with the kit. With this step done, you just need to lower the CPU cooler down onto the board while you line the bracket holes up with those on the board. Now it is just a matter of tightening the mounting screws and replacing the fan assembly that we removed earlier.


And here we have the finished assembly. Be sure to connect the fan power line to the four-pin header on the motherboard.

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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