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ZEROtherm Hurricane HC92 Cu 8800 VGA Cooler Review

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Closer Look:

After removing the cooler from the packaging, it really looks like nothing else I have seen to cool a video card. It features four heatpipes connected to copper fins, with an enclosure over the heatsink that has an alien type look. The top of the enclosure has a grill meant to symbolize the high wind movement in a hurricane. Looking at the underside of the cooler you can see just how large it really is. The contact surface is protected from damage with a clear adhesive tape that includes a warning message to remove it before installing.









The heatpipes appear to be sealed up quite well. The crimp and solder job is better than some others I have seen on the market. Removal of the warning label from the contact surface shows that the surface is almost mirror polished. It is nice to see this on a VGA cooler.



The fan enclosure wraps around the 92mm fan to direct air into and over the heatsink, as well as to create airflow down onto the board to cool the memory. It looks as though the heatsink does not do anything to duct air out the back of the case, but rather discharges it back into the case. This could definitely create some heat issues in a poorly ventilated case.



The cooler is designed to work in three different configurations. There is the standard configuration which includes the use of the fan enclosure, High performance mode allows for the removal of the fan enclosure, and finally, there is silent. With silent mode, the fan can be removed to maximize the cross flow ventilation to help cool the heatsink and VGA card.



The heatsinks that come with the cooler are aluminum and are anodized a bright green color. There are three different types of heatsinks sent in the package. The NVIO cooler, the MOSFET sinks, and the memory heatsinks. Each has its place and are attached with thermal tape. For the GPU heatsink, ZEROtherm has included some thermal paste.



The fan on the Hurricane is controlled manually instead of using a built in thermistor to manage fan speeds. The controller is a variable speed controller that can be secured inside or outside the case.



The attaching hardware for this cooler is similar to the hardware on the GX-815 by ZEROtherm. The nuts have a positive stop to prevent over tightening the cooler onto the card. This is a handy feature to have considering the investment that is made purchasing a video card.


Now that we have a good idea of what we are working with, let's get it installed.


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