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Ideazon Zboard Review


In-Depth Look (Software)
Before going on to install the Medal of Honor interface, we must first install the software that is provided on CD. The software on the CD installs a system driver (that captures the data received from the Zboard) and also some software that detects when you switch interfaces so it can remap the keys. The installation only took a couple of minutes, but the installation requires you to reboot after the installation. Once your computer boots bback up you will notice the Zboard software sitting in your system tray. If you double click on it, the Zboard settings will be displayed. From the main screen you can edit the hotkeys for the specific interface you have installed (Shown in the picture was the Windows/IE interface settings).

Under the interfaces tab you'll find a setting, when turned on, that will automatically launch the game that is associated with the interface you install in the Zboard base. I thought this was an excellent feature! Also on this screen it shows what interface you have installed.

Lastly, on the General tab you will find information on how to register, online user guide, and check for updates button (which simply takes you to the Ideazon website). I really wished there was an update feature built in the software that would automatically install the required software to support interfaces that you buy and plug-in. Also on this screen is two buttons, Zboard mode and Standard mode. When in Zboard mode then the interface is active and will respond normally to the hotkeys that are labeled. When in Standard mode the Zboard will act as a normal keyboard.

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