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ZAWARD ZCJ013 Vapor 120 Review

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Before I can test the Zaward Vapor 120, it has to be installed. Following the instructions, it was very easy to install with the motherboard still inside the case, just add paste and use the tool-free parts. (Although if your case doesn't have a hole on your motherboard tray so you can access the back of the CPU, you will have to remove your motherboard) After tightening, everything in the system was given a test run to make sure the heat sink was properly installed. After this, the testing begins with idle and load testing. First at stock 2.66GHz and a second time overclocked to 3.33GHz in order to see how the added heat affects the performance. The fan is forced to run at 100% throughout the testing. Each test is ran thirty minutes with idle being measured in Windows with minimal background programs and services running, while load is done with Prime95. The individual core temperature are averaged out and reported on the charts below

Testing System:


Comparison Heat sinks:




Performance at stock CPU speeds were top notch. When overclocked, the idle temperatures were excellent, while the loaded overclock test was still decent, but not the best. It still provided far better performance than the stock Intel HSF. The Fenrir, Transformer 4, Noctua NH-U12P, and BADA do better overclocked and under load.

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