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Zalman CNSP7000A-Cu Heat Sink Review


Closer Look

The Package

Once you get the package open, you find all sorts of extras. The CNSP7000A-CU comes with mounting hardware for the P4, AMD Athlon/Duron/XP, and the AMD Athlon XP 64. This is unusual, as most companies tend to sell a heat sink with only one type of CPU compatibility. In addition to the mounting hardware, you also get a tube of thermal compound to throw away, a bunch of "O" rings, as well as the Zalman Fan Mate 1 fan controller.

The Extras

Another item included in the package is the ever important case badge. :P

The Zalman Case Badge

The heat sink is made of copper, and unlike traditional heat sinks where the fan sits on top of the heat sink, the fan on the 7000A-Cu is inside the fins.

The base of the heat sink...

The fan used with the 7000A-Cu is a 92mm dual ball bearing fan, and of course is part of the CNSP family.

The Fan

The fan is easily removed by unscrewing two screws that go into the side of the heat sink. Removed you can see the naked heat sink... or is it a naked fan?

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