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Diamond PVR560 XtremeTV Tuner Card

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Setup Options:

There are four different options to choose from when deciding how you want to configure your installation and they will depend on what you intend to use this product for. The options are:

  • Xtreme TV as a PVR for viewing on a PC only
  • Xtreme TV as a PVR with VCR playback for viewing on a PC only
  • Xtreme TV as a media center for viewing on a PC only with audio output to your home stereo system
  • Adding the ability for TV output to any of the above scenarios

Since the monitor that I am using is a Westinghouse LVM-47w1, at 47 inches of LCD real-estate and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 (aka 1080i), I will use the second option in the list. I will have PVR capabilities to watch and record TV shows or videos and other tapes from the VCR. After recording a show, I can use video authoring software to burn the show onto a DVD that can be viewed on another TV or PC with a DVD player.

Cable TV Connection:

In order to receive the TV broadcasts to your PC and the Xtreme TV tuner card, you need to connect your TV source to it. Your TV signal usually comes into the house via a coaxial cable. Just connect this cable to your Xtreme TV tuner card. The connections are threaded, so screw them together to hold them firmly in place.


FM Radio Connection:

To tune in FM radio stations, you will need to connect the FM radio antenna to the Xtreme TV tuner card by plugging the antenna into the provided FM port.

VCR Connection:

To connect a VCR to the Xtreme TV tuner, you have three options. Those are via coaxial, S-Video, or RCA cables. I used the RCA cable method, since the coaxial was used by the TV source and RCA is a better quality source than S-Video. There is an RCA to S-Video adapter included in the package to make this possible. Just connect the RCA cable to the “video out” port on the VCR and to the RCA connector on the adaptor, which is now connected to the S-Video port on the Xtreme TV tuner card. To get audio, I used an RCA cable with the left and right jacks connected to the VCR. The other ends of these cables connect to the audio breakout cable that is included with the Xtreme TV tuner. I then connected the remaining end of the breakout cable to the “audio in” port on the Xtreme TV tuner card.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Configuration (Beyond TV)
  5. Configuration (Beyond Media)
  6. Specifications and Features
  7. Testing (Beyond TV)
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  9. Conclusion
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