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Xtreme Gear HP-1216B Review

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Closer Look:

The design of the cooler starts off with the fins that are shaped to allow the air to cover more surface area thus being able to whish away more of the dissipating heat. In the fins there are dimples that disrupt the smooth flow allowing the air to pick up the heat instead of just passing over it. This creates a wavy effect allowing more air to capture the heat dissipating by slowing down the speed of the air flow. There are five heat pipes that start at the base of the cooler and run through the fins to the top. They are shaped in a "V" pattern so that the heat being transferred is even through the fins spreading out the area that the dissipation takes place. On the base the pipes make direct contact to the processor which makes the transfer of the heat faster and more efficient. There is a small fin type surface directly above the base which also aids in dissipating heat quicker at the point of contact. The HP-1216B is compatible with all Socket 775, Socket 1366, Socket AM2+ and AM3 motherboards.














To aid in the cooling there is a single 120mm fan. The fan uses a Hydraumatic bearing and is rated for 12v. The 120mm fan is claimed to have an air flow output of 55.6~80.1CFM with a noise output of 215~25 db. The operating speed of the fan is between 1,000 ~ 2,000 RPM depending on the manual setting.



Now that the cooler is out and assembled the testing can begin.

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