XTRACPADS Logic Review

tacohunter52 - 2011-03-27 23:45:04 in Mouse Pad
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Reviewed on: April 20, 2011
Price: $15


Before working on this review I never thought I'd be looking at $45 worth of mouse pads. In fact I wasn't even aware that you could purchase a mouse pad for more then $5. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I'd like to point out that this is not a review of a $45 mouse pad. Instead, I'll be taking a look at three hi-precision, semi-adhesive pads from XTRACPADS. If you haven't guessed, each pad is priced at $15. The pads I'll be looking at are part of XTRACPADS Logic series. According to XTRACPADS, each of these mouse pads will offer the user a fast and accurate mouse surface, an easy to remove semi-adhesive backing for multi-desktop usage, an ergonomic ultra-low profile and each measures in at 8.5"x11".

Closer Look:

Let's take a look at the XTRACPADS Logic's packaging. Each mouse pad came in almost identical packaging, with a few minor differences. Each package was completely black with a picture of the mouse pad's design on the top. The only difference between the three pads I'll be looking at is the design. Also located on the front of the Logic's packaging is the name of the design. Today I'll be looking at the hex, pink, and black designs. Flipping the packaging over reveals the product's features, as well as the opening for the packaging. In this area I noticed a small spelling error in the word accurate. It was instead spelled "accuracte".









I was rather fond of the design for both the hex and pink models of the XTRACPADS logic. Both were almost identical, with the difference that pink was.., well.., pink. The texture of the pad wasn't your usual plush fabric. Instead it reminded me of a countertop, or a plastic tablecloth. According to XTRACPADS claims, this polypropylene material is state-of-the art and is superior for mouse tracking. Flipping the pad over reveals a cover which you can peel off to make the pad stick to a surface. Not only that, the adhesive is washable and reusable. This makes the Logic the first precision mouse pad with a semi adhesive backing.



Now that we've taken a look at the pads, let's see how they perform.



Courtesy of http://www.xtracpads.com/products.php?prod_id=28&section=2



In order to test the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pads I will put them through everyday use. I will also test them while playing some games. In this case, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and some Crysis 2. I will compare the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pads to a generic fabric mouse pad as well as just my desk's surface. Since all of the XTRACPADS Logic pads should perform the same, I will only be testing one of them. Scores will be based on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the best.

Comparison Mouse Pad:


I didn't notice much of a difference in precision when it came to the XTRACPADS Logic and my generic mouse pad. That being said, moving the mouse around on the XTRACPADS Logic surface felt a lot better and smoother than moving it around on my generic pad.



I have no idea whether or not the pointer was actually moving faster while using the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pads, but boy did it feel like it was. The hard surface definitely made it easier to move the mouse around and it didn't have any of the lag or jitters that my desk surface causes.



While the movement and speed appear to be better with the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pad, I definitely feel like I have more control when using my generic fabric pad.


When I received the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pads I didn't really think that there could be a performance difference between different types of mouse pads. After using the XTRACPADS Logic mouse pads I'm still slightly skeptical as to whether or not there actually is a difference in performance. However, it definitely feels like there is a performance difference. Moving the mouse on the XTRACPADS Logic surface felt a lot smoother and a lot faster. If you're willing to spend $15 on a mouse pad, then I'd definitely say go for an XTRACPADS Logic. It's got an adhesive back, so you know it will have good grip on your desk, and it just feels.., well.., great to use.