XTRAC Ripper XXL Mouse Pad Review

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Reviewed on: May 2, 2006
Price: $30

Holy Bejeezers, Batman, that's an Enormous piece of equipment. For those of you who never have enough mousing surface to game on the XTRAC Ripper XXL Mouse Mat is for you. When I received it from XTRAC and opened the shipping tube it came in, it just kept on coming and coming. This thing is "BIG", a total of 36" wide and 18" in height, so here's your excuse to go and buy that new workstation.

XTRAC Pads was founded in 2002; they specialize in mousing surfaces for gamers. Their repertoire includes, cloth, plastic and a "Hybrid" mousing surface that is both cloth and plastic. In combination to the mousing surfaces XTRAC also has a line of accessories, which include surface wax, antifriction liquid and Teflon mouse feet.

Ok it's time to take a closer look at this monster and see if it stands up to "Raven's" there could never be too much pad, since "I'm left handed" and everyone else always moves my mouse pad to the other side, mouse pad test.

Closer Look
XTRAC sent me the OEM version of the Ripper XXL so the packaging was just a white shipping tube. The pad inside was wrapped in a clear plastic bag, so you could clearly see its contents.

Well as I said before this pad is "Enormous", I couldn't believe my eyes as I unrolled it after taking it out of the wrapper. The upper part of the mouse is made of black cloth with the XTRAC logo on the lower right hand corner. The bottom of the mouse is black rubber, which gives the pad a nice non-slip enhancement.

Also included are Mad tape, used on your mouse feet to enhance movement ( 2, 5" strips) and a cool looking case sticker.

This mousing surface really sparked my interest, normally when I review a product, I'll take some pictures of it, then just think about the product for a day or two and start testing it. This time I just had to test it right away.



Tested and 100% compatible with the following mice:

Logitech: MX300/500/510/518/700/1000 G5 & G7

Microsoft: Intellimouse Explorer 3.0/4.0 Laser Mouse 6000

Apple: Mighty Mouse

The best way to test a mousing surface is to play a game or two, especially since I tend to always run out of surface. I will state, "I never once ran out of surface with this pad." Since my gaming station (workstation when I'm talking to my wife) has a keyboard tray, I was able to utilize the whole pad for my test.

What do most gamers look for in a mousing surface? "Speed, and sensitivity." My mouse glided over the surface like a well-oiled engine. I never had a snag or suffered any loss of time due to repositioning my mouse. The funny thing I did noticed is that I do use a lot of surface when I'm gaming and it was nice to have the surface to meet my needs.

Testing the mouse right handed. If I can keep it on the surface as spastic as I am using my right hand, anyone can.


After I was done with my ambidextrous testing of the XTRAC Ripper XXL, without a keyboard on it, I decided to test it with a keyboard on the surface. I do have to say I wasn't very impressed, the keyboard took up room on the surface and I felt as if I was using a slightly larger then normal mousing surface.

XTRAC has designed a nice product, the Ripper XXL, provides a great cushion for your hand and is large enough to use as an all in one desktop surface. I was very impressed with its smooth surface and gild ability. I wouldn't recommend this mousing surface to someone who has a smaller desktop, it can be quite cumbersome but if you have the room, the XTRAC Ripper XXL is for you.

Being left handed in a world that caters to the majority; I feel XTRAC has designed a product that is perfect for us who constantly have to deal with moving the mouse and mousing surface over to the left side of our desktop. I'm not sure if it was a consideration in the design but it sure makes a difference to me, it doesn't matter where the mouse is or who used it anymore, all I have to do is just slide the mouse to the other side.

It goes without question; you need a workstation that the Ripper XXL can fit on, or your just wasting your money. I would also recommend that you have a keyboard tray, with a keyboard on top, you are not going to take advantage of the surfaces full potential, thus taking away from a truly great experience.

With so many mousing surfaces to choose from and each one claiming to be the "Ultimate", it can get quite confusing on which one to purchase. The XTRAC Ripper XXL meets it's claims, it's huge, it provides a nice soft ride for your hand or wrist and it's quite easy to clean, just shake it out and get a damp cloth to wipe it clean.