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Xtracpads Hammer & Ripper Mouse Pad Review


The XTrac Hammer
Product Page: http://xtracpads.com/hammer.htm
Price: $19.00 USD

The XTrac Hammer is a lot like the Ripper. Its got the same hexagonal random dot design (albeit a bit smaller of a pattern), it has the same surface area - at 11"x17". However, the Hammer is a nice light blue color, and its made of plastic. So, lets see if the different surface has any effect on performance.

Once again, testing was done for a couple hours, and let me say this is one impressive mousepad. The actual pad is so thin as to not actually notice it - its not so much a mousepad as an extension of your desktop! The response was virtually identical to the Ripper, however, what really set this mousepad apart was the smoothness of the mousepad. The Teflon on the mousepad really comes in handy - the mouse just glides over the surface with hardly any power put into it whatsoever - something that I really like in a mousepad. The fact that this mousepad is 11"x17" is fantastic. I don't think I ever have to pick up my mouse anymore, and it certainly isn't falling off the edge of my mousepad.

  • Good response
  • Extremely low profile
  • High Surface Area
  • Fantastic smoothness for the mouse
  • Fantastic Price!

  • Possibly too large for some small desks

    1. Introduction & Closer Look
    2. The XTrac Ripper
    3. The XTrac Hammer
    4. Comparison & Conclusion
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