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Xtracpads Hammer & Ripper Mouse Pad Review


The XTrac Ripper
Product Page: http://xtracpads.com/ripper.htm
Price: $14.00 USD

The XTrac Ripper is a cloth optical mousepad. The design is the aforementioned hexagons with the random dot patterns. The Ripper is pretty thin - about the average thickness of a ball mousepad. Since its made of cloth, it is extremely flexible.

The Ripper was fantastic for size, reponse and comfort. The cloth surface is nice and soft, and since it is thin, there is no edge rubbing on your wrist. The design on the mousepad does in fact provide a responsive mouse environment, making for quick starts and stops, and very good tracking. As previously mentioned, the surface area of this mousepad is huge, at 11"x17", I rarely, if ever had to pick up my mouse.

However, the cloth surface seemed to drag at the mouse. The MX700 isn't a light mouse, since it's wireless. The response was wicked, but the ride wasn't smooth at all. Didn't seem like the teflon has much of an effect on the cloth surface.

  • Good response
  • Low profile
  • Huge Surface Area
  • Fantastic Price

  • Slow gliding
  • Cloth could wear or tear

    1. Introduction & Closer Look
    2. The XTrac Ripper
    3. The XTrac Hammer
    4. Comparison & Conclusion
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