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XtFlux-GA Thermal Paste Review


Closer Look
As you can see in the picture below the packaging is very plain and simple. The packaging is actually rather boring and not impressive in any way, but you can�t really expect great fancy packaging from a new company just starting out. This product also does not come packaged with any instructions, although having no instructions is not that big of a deal. With thermal grease the application is pretty self explanatory, and if you do need instructions they are easily obtainable by a simple email to TherMax Tech or visiting their website.

In the pictures below you will see XtFlux being applied. As with the application of most thermal compounds I started with just a drop about the size of a pea to the center of the chip and then spread the compound out with my finger while wearing latex gloves. The XtFlux grease is very easy to spread around unlike Ceramique which is a much harder substance.


Physical Properties
The physical properties of XtFlux are rather similar to AS Ceramique, which is what we are going to compare this product to later on in the testing. TherMax Tech is actually kind of secretive about all the ingredients of XtFlux. They did however inform me that copper was one of the main ingredients.

XtFlux-GA: electrically non-conducting
Density = 3.40 g/ml
Viscosity = 750 Poise
Conductivity = 7 W/mK

- Silicone grease with multiple particle composition
- Thermal Resistance : 0.067 c cm�/W
- Non curing
- Water resistant paste
- Will not dry-out, harden, or melt, up to 200 Celcius- Superior Thermal Conductivity
- Extremely low oil bleed
- Easy to apply
- Combination of high purity particles and silicone oil results in a smooth, homogeneous, high temperature dielectric properties

XtFlux-GA (2000 cycles)

The image above is a graph of how XtFlux did under TCT (Thermal Cycling Test). This test basically determines the ability of XtFlux to resist extremely low and high temperatures and its ability to withstand cyclical exposures to these temperature extremes.

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  2. Closer Look
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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