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X-Pider Aluminum Case Review


The Mystery

Well.. that pretty well finishes up the review on the X-pider, PSU, and Keyboard + Mouse, but leaves one question unanswered.. who makes these cases? We know Alienware doesn't.. they put computers together using other companies parts, and slap on an incredibly high price... Antec, Enermax, and TT are out of the question as well, which narrows the choices down to two:

This is actually where things get interesting... If you click on the company name, you'll be taken to the company's web page. Browse around, take a look and see if you notice anything. Find anything? Take a look at Chieftec's "Company Profile" and then take a look at Chenming's "About Chenming"... see it now? Every image that you see on Chenming's page, is on Chieftec's page... or is it the other way around? Or are they the same?

Well, if you look for contact information between the two companies, Chieftec provides contact info for the factories in China, the entire Chenming site list one contact, and that contact is somewhere in Canada.

If you look at the cases in question, you'll find a "Made in China" sticker on them. The X-pider was the same, and you can see it on the image near the beginning, when I showed the rear of the case.

All answers point to Chieftec as the makers of these cases... unfortunately, neither company has replied to any emails I sent inquiring about this. I'd put money on Chieftec, and I don't think anyone would argue. :P



Well, there you have it. One monstrous review. The X-pider case is a great case, although it is a bit small for my taste, there is a bigger brother to it, that I hope to be able to review for everyone. Though I'm a bit weary of the PSU that was included, a package with pre-modded case, PSU, and Keyboard + Mouse is hard to beat. The case is built sturdy, and I'd be happy to show it off to anyone who came by. If white isn't for you, there is a rainbow of colors for you to chose from.



  • Thumb Screws
  • Side window looks cool (Some may find this a Con)
  • LED fans are quiet and look cool looking (Some may find this a Con)
  • Overall nice looking case
  • Two sets of keys included
  • 420W PSU included
  • Keyboard + Mouse included
  • Case color choices, helps personalize the case
  • Front USB/Fire Wire ports
  • Removable 3.5" drive bays
  • Able to lock front / side of the case
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic clips for fans
  • Keyboard + Mouse are PnP
  • Case well built / Rounded edges
  • Well packed for shipping
  • Keyboard was quiet + extra keys
  • Mouse nice and accurate, and moves extremely smooth


  • No extra thumb screws
  • No slide out motherboard tray
  • Not a lot of working room / Small case
  • Pre-moded (Some people want to do it themselves)
  • Red LED in fans aren't that great
  • Plastic font bezel
  • PSU doesn't maintain voltage well
  • Difference in top/bottom of plastic bezel
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  5. Keyboard & Mouse Closer Look and Features
  6. The Mystery & Conclusion
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