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X-Pider Aluminum Case Review


A Closer Look

I was surprised when I found out that the X-pider came with a PSU included. I've looked at many cases, and just about all cases today come without a PSU. Of course, when cases did come with a PSU, I usually junked it and replaced it with my own PSU. As listed in the specifications, the PSU included with the X-pider is a 420W dual fan PSU. Not bad. :)

The PSU is a Turbolink CWT-420ATX-12, which I found on the net priced anywhere between $35-80. Pricewatch.com had a few listed in the $45-50 range.

You can see below, that the Turbolink PSU really is just a generic two fan PSU. Nothing fancy about the outside other than the gold fan grill on the bottom intake fan. If you look through the grills, you can see inside the PSU the fans are clear. You'll get a better look in a moment.

The PSU has a 20 pin ATX connector, 4 pin P4 connecter, and 6 pin AUX connecter, as well as 5x large 4 pin (Hard Drive) connectors and 2xl small 4 pin (Floppy Drive) connectors. One nice feature about this power supply is the main ATX cable has been rounded with a mesh wrap, and the other cables have been tied together using standard wire ties, as you would expect to see on a PSU made by Enermax, Antec, Kingwin, and others. Sadly, there is no RPM monitoring for the PSU.

Now, it's time to open the puppy up and see what's inside. Before I do, there are a few disclaimers.

1- Opening a PSU will void the PSUs warranty, if it had one to begin with.
2- Capacitors inside the PSU store a deadly amount of electricity. In other words, it can kill you. -Yes, even after it's been unplugged for several days.
3- The PSU was opened by highly trained (or something like that) reviewer, this is not something you should try if you don't know what your doing.
4- Even if you do know what your doing, it still isn't suggested that you open a PSU.
5- Should you electrocute, kill, shock, burn, fry, damage, or destroy yourself, a family member, cat, dog, snake, or anything else living or not, you cannot sue me, OCC, Aspire, Turbolink, or any of their employees, affiliates, shareholders, or anything else for that matter.

Here you see the two heat sinks for the PSU as well as the clear exhaust fan.

Here you can see a closer look at one of the fans from the PSU. As with the case fans for the X-pider, the PSU fans are clear DC Brushless. Unlike the case fans, the fans in the PSU have no LEDs. These did include a model number, which made looking up information on them much easier.

  Bearing System Sleeve
  Speed 2500 RPM
  CFM 19.35
  Noise Level 32.48 dB(A)

I monitored the voltage of the PSU using Motherboard Monitor for one hour during that time, I used the computer normally, as well as ran 3DMark03, 3DMark01, and Sandra. I then took the MBM5 log, and used the highest and lowest values for the information below. As you can see, there was some spiking, especially on the +12v line.. While I have used this PSU for about a week now with no problems what-so-ever, I don't like using a PSU that spikes like this.

Highest Peak
Lowest Peak

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  2. Case Closer Look
  3. A Closer Look Contenued
  4. PSU Closer Look
  5. Keyboard & Mouse Closer Look and Features
  6. The Mystery & Conclusion
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