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X-Pider Aluminum Case Review


A Closer Look

We'll start off looking at the case, then move on to the included PSU, and end up looking at the mouse and keyboard.

The cardboard box labeled the case color as "white," however, I'm told that the actual case color is "pearl white." If you thought finding Aluminum, black, or silver faceplates for your CD\DVD drives was hard, try looking for "pearl white" faceplates. Thankfully, the case has a bit of black on it, as you can see in the image below. The black on the front of the case, and on the buttons, might just make a black drive look ok. Not that anyone would ever notice your drives, unless the door is open. :) Take a close look at the first image (door closed)... notice anything? If you've got a sharp eye, you'll see the bottom looks darker than the top. It's actually the same color, but the bottom of the case is more "textured" and the top of the case is smooth, which causes the top to reflect light better...

If the black center piece doesn't appeal to you, it removes very easily, and has lots of modding potential.

Of course, the entire front plastic bezel comes off as well. Simply unclip the bezel in 6 places, and it's off.

Behind the lockable main door is of course the drive bays, and the power and reset buttons. Both buttons, are recessed in the surrounding plastic, which makes it a bit harder to accidentally press the power button, and makes it a lot harder to push the reset button. I actually had to use an ink pin to press the reset button. Next to the buttons are the LEDs for Power (Yellow-Green) and HDD (Amber) activity. It would have been cool to see the two LEDs here match the Tri-LED fans that come with the case.


Just below the main door, is another small door that flips up to reveal a Fire Wire port and two USB ports. The white case is the only case that comes with USB/Fire Wire. All of the other colored cases come with two USB ports and Audio ports.


Turning the case around to the side, we can see the pre-modded window. When the case was unpacked, there was plastic on each side of the window. This helps protect the window from being scratched during shipping. In the lower left corner of the window you can see one of the four Tri-LED fans that was included with the case. We'll take a closer look at the fans in a moment. The window itself, is held into place by 14 plastic rivets.

Taking a look at the back of the case, the first thing I noticed was the missing PCI slot cover. Guess they figured everyone is going to remove at least one, so they'd do it for us. Kinda makes me feel like part of my case is missing. :p We also have two rear exhaust fans, which are identical to the one we saw on the side panel. The opening side panel, has thumb screws to help for easy, tool less entry. Oddly, the other side, doesn't use thumbscrews, but regular phillips head screws.


  1. Introduction, Specifications & Shipping
  2. Case Closer Look
  3. A Closer Look Contenued
  4. PSU Closer Look
  5. Keyboard & Mouse Closer Look and Features
  6. The Mystery & Conclusion
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