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Xigmatek Elysium Case Review

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Overall, this case wasn’t up to my expectations. The case was so focused on being large that it forgot that someone would eventually have to put hardware in it. It might look nice on the outside, but it’s rather rough on inner workings. The bay holders feel inexpensive and are difficult to use. The pre-routed cables look messy and are difficult to hide well. The USB 3.0 plugs out the back are a point of contention, as many early compatible motherboards did not feature an onboard header. The cables barely reach out the back and don’t have a PCIe cover to keep dust out. Routing them out the water grommets was not an option either, as the cables were not long enough. For the price, I just expected there to be more than a really big case with plastic parts. However, the Xigmatek Elysium is not without its redeeming qualities. The cooling performance was top notch and with overclocked hardware, it was either the best performing thermally or a very strong runner up. When you look the support for long video cards and just a massive internal volume, it’s easy to see how this case would be appealing. The top of the case can house not only the single radiator used in my testing, but a dual 120 mm one with no ill effect. I can say that I honestly wouldn’t be buying this case myself at this price point – perhaps at a reduced cost, I might spring for it simply for its large size, though definitely the non-window version. It’s a big case, but it isn’t a big bang for your buck.



  • It’s BIG
  • Amazing air cooling performance
  • Liquid cooling ready



  • Messy wiring for fans and USB 3.0
  • Bay clips are cheap plastic and hard to use
  • Dust cover is cheap and doesn’t move properly
  • Side panel fan is a clearance issue for any self-contained water kit.
  • No SSD mounting options
  • Fan mounting behind motherboard requires 20 mm or thinner fans
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