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Xigmatek Dark Knight-S1283V Review

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The Xigmatek Dark Knight was a decent performer in the tests, but didn't quite hold out above the rest either. It did perform pretty well when overclocked with the idle test, but reaches 80 degrees when in full load. The fan Xigmatek includes pushes a decent amount of air and is rated at almost 90 CFM, so there is not a whole lot to be gained with many 25mm thick fans. Adding a second fan for a push/pull arrangement may pay some dividends with the close fin spacing. Even better, 38mm fans would most likely have a greater impact.

However, most heatsinks in its price range don't look as nice or have LED fans. Some of them don't even come with fans that push as much air as what is included with the Dark Knight. Mounting the heatsink was not much of a challenge like some I have had to tackle. I must say though, with as many heatsinks as there are on the market now, I am a bit disappointed that Xigmatek never gave you the option for a second fan on the heatsink. It's also the fact that in my heatsink reviews, I have only encountered one other heatsink not capable of having a second fan. This model from Xigmatek only uses 3 heatpipes in a U shaped configuration to remove the heat generated by the CPU. While this may suffice with a CPU that does not dump as large a heat load, it just did not have the ability to keep the i7 920 cool. As a stock replacement, it would do fine. But for the overclocker or enthusiast looking for temperatures much lower than the stock cooler, the S-1283V Dark Knight just did not deliver on that front. For the i7, I think it is not ideal, but for the PII X4 and socket 775 quads and dual cores from Intel, the S1283V fits the bill just fine. The Dark Knight is a good looking cooler that is easy to install and comes at an attractive price point for an after-market tower heatsink and is about 12 bucks more than the standard model.



  • Good looks
  • Good HDT design



  • No ability to attach a second fan
  • Lacks the capability to cool an overclocked i7

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing (Setup)
  5. Conclusion
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