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XFX HD 5570 Review

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Although the HD 5570 is not a gaming powerhouse, it is a very capable graphics card. This was clearly evident during the benchmarking process, as once the in-game settings were reduced, the HD 5570 continuously achieved playable frames-per-second in most of the games. This is an impressive feat for a graphics card that retails for $80. Still, there was a performance issue that just can not be overlooked. This is that where most manufacturers use DDR3 memory - XFX is using slower DDR2. This greatly reduces the GPU bandwidth and creates a situation where the on-board memory is limiting the graphics cards performance. In fact, in test after test it repeatedly fell behind the cheaper HD 5550. These two graphics cards do share most of the same specifications, but the HD 5550 has a reduced amount of shader units and a slower core frequency. This means that the HD 5570 should easily outperform the HD 5550, but that was just not the case. So, even though the overall performance was good, it is hard to recommend a graphics card that can't outperform a product that retails for less.

Not all is bad about this card and as stated before it does have a great price to performance ratio. Also, since it has double the memory of the comparison HD 5550 it will be able to perform better as the in-game settings are increased. This was proven true during the testing process and in many instances the XFX HD 5570 card was able to surpass the HD 5550 at medium level settings. Additional benefits of this card include a lifetime warranty, ATI Stream technology, great power efficiency, and an effective, yet quiet, cooling solution. It is features such as these that make graphics cards like the HD 5570 a good option for the mainstream user. However, when comparing this card side-by-side to those with DDR3 memory, it might be hard to justify paying the same price and getting less in return, especially when some DDR3 HD 5570's can be found for up to $10 off the retail price of this DDR2 model.



  • Price to performance
  • 1GB of memory
  • Quiet and cool operation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ATI Stream Technology
  • Low power requirement



  • DDR2 memory
  • Performance compared to DDR3 models
  • Price compared to DDR3 models


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