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XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition Review

Category: Video Cards
Price: $229
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XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition Introduction:

The XFX Black Edition cards are usually premium builds that come straight with an out-of-the-box stout factory overclock and complemented with a robust heat sink package to handle the thermals generated by the higher clock speeds. Well, no surprise here, since those key features have not changed. The XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition card comes to the end user with a 975MHz core clock speed on the all new Tonga 28nm GCN core and a 5500MHz effective data rate on the 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

Build to deliver excellent FPS results at 1080p resolutions, this card from XFX is fully equipped to do so, as it is the highest clocked example in the breed I have tested so far. To keep the card running in the long term, XFX uses its Duratec build philosophy and component selection to drive that performance. Currently priced at $229, after rebates, XFX offers a high performance package build for 1080p, but does it have the stones to ramp it up for game play at 1440p? Let's find out what the latest offering from XFX can offer the gamer and enthusiast.

XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition Closer Look:

The XFX's packaging for the R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition is similar to that of the majority of its offerings. Using a vertical package that is small enough to save on packaging costs, delivering more items per case, while getting the message out to their consumers. Information on the front panel lets you know that this R9 285 from XFX, is its top of the line factory overclocked OC Black Edition card, is UEFI ready, and utilizes a pair of 90mm fans in its Ghost 2.0 Double Dissipation cooling design. While not as visually "bright", it is a unique design that is easily distinguishable from the competition.

On the back side of the package, you get the feature set in several languages along with XFX's slogan "Play Hard" across the top edge of the box. Opening the R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition box reveals a two layered box that holds the accessory bundle on the top layer, while the lower level holds the object of the review. No fluff, just the space needed to get the product to market.




The accessory bundle is slim for all intents and purposes, with mostly the manuals and sales literature occupying space on the top level of the box. Those pieces aside, you get a driver disk to get the card installed and running if you have limited access to the internet, since most of the downloads for AMD drivers are approaching 300MB in download form. A pair of dual 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe power adapters round out the accessory bundle, in case you don't have a PSU equipped with a pair of 6-pin PCIe power plugs.



The packaging is only part of the...well package, delivered by XFX. Let's dig to the bottom of the box and pull the R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition out and see what it has to offer.

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