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XFX R7790 Black Edition Overclocked Review

Category: Video Cards
Price: $159
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XFX R7790 Black Edition Overclocked Introduction:

Video cards for the sub $200 market have been coming out fast and furious over the past month with a full stack of HD 7790-based cards being released, as well as NVIDIA's reply with the GTX 650Ti Boost that upped the game a little further, pushing it back into AMD's court. Having seen that the HD 7790 offered playable performance at 1080p with high settings, it's interesting to see what each board partner has put together to set its product apart from the rest.

This time around XFX is a little late to the party with the R7790 Black Edition Overclocked but took that additional time to put together a product based upon its own PCB design loaded with XFX Black Edition exclusives. GPU Edging is a core selection process that looks for the highest clocking cores using the default voltage to keep power consumption in check. Double Dissipation cooling with Ghost Thermal Technology is employed to keep the card cool under fire. Duratec professional grade components, including solid capacitors and dust free fans, all continue the theme of improved performance, reliability, and longevity. Once you get past the Black Edition exclusives you get to the base clock speed of 1075MHz on AMD's GCN 28nm Bonaire core and 1600MHz on the 1GB of GDDR5 memory that drive performance to levels much better than the reference design.

All of the exclusives do come with a price as you might expect. At $159, the R7790 Black Edition Overclocked comes with a $10 price premium over the reference design. Let's see if the performance delivered is indicative of the price point.

XFX R7790 Black Edition Overclocked Closer Look:

The packaging for the R7790 Black Edition overclocked is is much more informative than I have seen in the past. The front makes sure you get the message that this is an XFX product from the bold logo to the not so subtle X in the background. Up front is the model number and series that shows this card to be the Black Edition Overclocked. The back side lists AMD specific as well as XFX specific features. The top right corner of the front panel highlights just a few of the awards earned by XFX with more on the top panel.










Inside the well illustrated sleeve is the box that hold the R7790 Black Edition and the accessory bundle. Packed tightly in the form fitting cardboard shell, the card does not move around and was damage free. The accessory bundle includes a large amount of manuals and instruction sheets to guide you through the installation and trouble shooting if you run into issues. A driver disk is included, but the most current drivers are usually found at the AMD graphics download site. A Black Edition case badge is included to provide entry into the Black Edition family. In case the rest of the family does not know to leave you alone when you are deep in a game, XFX includes a door tag to remind them.




The packaging provides a point of difference to the consumer when searching at a brick and mortar outlet.

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